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"If you smoke and drink, the chances of you getting oral cancer are up to 40 times greater. However the lack of risk factors does not preclude oral cancer diagnosis. Whatever the cause, the key point to remember is that early detection saves lives," Dr Healy said.

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Yet to say Scott appealed to a singular racial demographic would not be true. He was likeable across the board. He worked well with others, whether it be an NFL or NBA panel. His alliance with Rich Eisen, a dude who enjoys cracking wise, was fine TV. For all those years, Scott showed an ability to adapt. Searching for moments when he came off nasty, angry or condescending would take a long time. He was not a mouth who would often go into rip mode. Still, the good vibe he delivered, and the way he delivered it, didn’t register on everyone.

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Travel-related shares began the new year on a strong note,with Auckland Airport rising 2.6 percent while Air NewZealand rose 2.4 percent. The national carrier and NewZealand's largest airport operator continue to benefit fromhopes for strong tourism and travel industries in 2015.

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That’s what’s known as showmanship. We didn’t understand every bit of jargon exiting Scott’s mouth. And even though his presentation moved us to take issue with him, it never turned us off, never made us stop watching. As a performer, even on the smallest of screens, he could be mesmerizing. More importantly he was likeable.

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The charity has also produced information booklets for GPs about potential health problems, which can include hearing and sight problems, thyroid conditions and muscular-skeletal problems. Depression is also a common health issue.

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From left, Miss Kentucky Ramsey Carpenter,Miss South Dakota Meridith Gould and Miss Rhode Island Ivy DePew perform during the second preliminary night of the 2015 Miss America Competition in Atlantic City, New Jersey. What a talented bunch

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The ruling party's politburo jostled for positions, sharp elbows being deployed before the congress , which turned out, in the words of one disgruntled Zanu-PF member, to have been nothing but a "praise and worship show" for the ageing leader.

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Even so, the members somehow withstood each other for two decades on the road - all while crammed into a small van. The details of that time — both hair-raising and hilarious — pepper Ramone’s outrageous memoir of a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-bound band that churned out influential songs from “Sheena Is a Punk Rocker,” to “I Wanna Be Sedated.”

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After years of battles over the budget and other issues, further clashes loom as Republicans who already control the House of Representatives take over the Senate majority on Tuesday after wins against Obama's Democrats in November's midterm elections. Angry over the president's moves last year to bypass Congress on issues such as immigration, Republicans have promised to fight him on a range of issues.

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He said that infiltrating terrorist groups was exceedingly difficult and that cultivating covert assets who could provide fresh intelligence about them could take five years or longer. We didn't have five years. The country was at war, and, indeed, will always be at war as long as Islamic jihadists continue to target and kill Americans in coordinated attacks.

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"If both parties, or, in this case, multiple partners, have done their best to achieve the objectives and progress is very real, then there should be willingness to re-examine a deadline," added Ghani, who was elected last year.

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The department has steadfastly denied any involvement in the hacking, saying in a 2013 statement: "To our knowledge, the Justice Department has never compromised Ms. Attkisson's computers, or otherwise sought any information from or concerning any telephone, computer, or other media device she may own or use."

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Billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who in years past has vowed to learn Mandarin and wear a tie daily, has made a rather old-fashioned New Year's resolution, creating a book club that will collectively read a new tome every two weeks.

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"We have introduced 'auto-enrol', which is where people are assumed to be putting money into a small personal pension unless they deliberately opt out," says David Willetts, MP, a former shadow pensions minister in the UK.

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In a statement on Monday, the task force said the United States and its partner nations conducted 14 strikes in Syria, hitting five Islamic State oil collection points and a related pipeline near Dawr az Zawr.

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Although Marrone had the support of respected veteran running back Fred Jackson and some others, sources said many players just didn’t respect a head coach who didn’t respect them. His public arguments with defensive end Jerry Hughes and front office personnel, including GM Doug Whaley, revealed his sharp edge.

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There are estimated to be more than 1.15m people who are members of credit unions in Britain, according to trade body ABCUL. Savings held in credit unions surpassed the 1bn mark for the first time in 2014.

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Buckley's office sent its report on the dispute to the Justice Department. Meanwhile, the CIA's acting general counsel filed a criminal referral with the Justice Department complaining about the actions of Senate investigators.

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The shocking clip played to a packed Milford, Pa., courtroom shows Cpl. Bryon Dickson crumble to the ground dead Sept. 12 outside the Blooming Grove barracks as Trooper Alex Douglass rushes to his side, only to be wounded himself.

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Tsarnaev, with bushy hair and a light beard, sat quietly between his lawyers during Monday's proceedings, looking down and fidgeting. He did not speak but nodded curtly at jurors when the judge pointed him out.

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Even a slight chill increases the speed at which rhinoviruses, which cause the common cold, multiply in lab mice, said the study published on Monday by Yale University scientists. Cold temperatures also trigger immune-system changes that let the viruses replicate virtually unchecked.

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“It’s so rewarding to see people achieve things that they didn’t think possible before losing weight, whether that’s wearing smaller-sized clothes, taking up new hobbies, reducing medication or being able to do more with their family and friends. Meeting Peter was a real treat — he was such a nice guy — and a great way to celebrate all of that. Now I feel powered up and I can’t wait to help my members hold on to all of the fabulous changes they’ve made, and to support even more people to become happier and healthier in 2015.”

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On a two-day mid-December trip, Sanders, who is among the Senate's most liberal members, made a series of stops in which he touted expanding government regulation of banking, universal government-funded health care and a $15-per-hour minimum wage. Sanders is one of only two senators who don't identify as Democrat or Republican, though he caucuses and votes with Senate Democrats.

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“Anytime those guys up front hit him like they were hitting him it makes a quarterback’s job a ton more difficult,” Kuechly said. “Those guys can’t step up; their feet are getting stepped on. They’re following through on helmets. I don’t know if he was getting uncomfortable. It’s just hard to do your job when guys are in your face.”

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Dish is embarking on the new service as it battles overdistribution agreements with media companies, including CBSCorp, which launched a brief blackout, Twenty-FirstCentury Fox's cable news and business networks, whichhave been pulled from Dish, and Turner Broadcasting.

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The VPN blocking doesn't yet appear to impact every Netflix app. For example, the update doesn't yet appear to impact the iPhone app. But iPhone users on Reddit commented that it was likely only a matter of time before an update restricts their access overseas as well.

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Marrone’s desire to have his hands in everything began even before the Bills hired him two years ago. His interview with the team lasted days, not hours, due to his need to ensure everything was to his liking, according to a source.

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The courtroom erupted in cheers when Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Sarah Zabel cleared the way for a gay couple and a lesbian couple to marry. The judge said she would perform the ceremonies herself later Monday, according to their attorney, Jeffrey Cohen.

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The John Lewis numbers do not include results from theWaitrose supermarket chain which is part of the wider John LewisPartnership. Waitrose on Jan. 2 reported a provisional 6.5percent rise in sales excluding fuel in the two weeks to Dec.27.

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Advocates of regulating the service providers like utilities contend that the companies, if left unchecked, will create a two-tier system that funnels Internet traffic into fast and slow lanes. In that scenario, only the richest content providers will be able to pay the extra tolls to ensure that their online content is accessible through the fast lanes.

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1.Mother age 37 with four previous pregnancies. Past history of depression and intellectual disability. Unsuccessful ECV (procedure used to turn a fetus from breech position) at 37 weeks, booked for elective caesarean - uneventful delivery and postnatal care. Given drugs to prevent thrombosis. Seen by mental health, GP and community liaison teams. Forty-seven days after birth the mother was taken by ambulance to a general hospital with difficulty breathing; she suffered a cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital and was pronounced dead at the ED. A coroner's post-mortem recorded the death as being due to pulmonary embolism caused by deep vein thrombosis of the leg and pelvic veins.

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Third-largest ETF provider Vanguard said it had about $75.3billion in U.S. ETF net flows in 2014, while the second-rankedState Street Corp had about $37.2 billion in new moneyin its U.S. ETFs. The two companies, plus BlackRock, accountedfor about 80 percent of total U.S. ETF flows last year.

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"Effectively, the Chinese housing boom ending means mortgage interest rates fall in Australia, giving a boost to house prices in Sydney and Melbourne [because cheaper credit fuels demand for housing]."

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"It’s hard to explain exactly, but seeing such a fierce display of physical domination on the TV made me feel like a woman," Leigh confesses while her oblivious husband watches the game with her.

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"In the old days it was very much about what were called brown goods - everything around the TV set and related technologies. But now, it's quite extraordinary how many sectors converge."

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Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden argued in a separate petition that conflicting lower court decisions about whether the federal constitution requires states to sanction gay marriage constituted unequal treatment of states, granting some the right to define civil marriage and denying it to others.

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LONG BEACH, Calif. Detectives trying to determine who abducted a 3-week-old infant after shooting her parents and uncle at a Southern California home have few clues and are asking for the public's help, officials said Monday.

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As may be expected, these home improvements are lagging slightly behind transaction levels in the housing market, with buyers perhaps waiting a few months in their new home before spending more on laying new carpets.

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Blandino insisted that had nothing to do with Sunday. He admitted he would have preferred if the refs stuck with their first call, simply to avoid Monday madness, he called the pass interference ruling itself "debatable."

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Additional screening is no longer needed for people traveling from Mali because it has been 42 days since the last patient in that country had contact with a person who was not wearing the proper protective gear, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Homeland Security said Monday.

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"The recommended normal heart rate is between 60 and 100 heartbeats per minute but some people can have heart rates over 100. You should see your doctor if you have a persistent heart rate above 120 beats per minute or below 40 beats per minute," explained IHF medical director, Dr Angie Brown.

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Top crude exporter Saudi Arabia revealed it made deep cutsto its monthly oil prices for European buyers ARM-OSP-E, thesixth time since June it has slashed prices, corresponding withthe rout in crude futures markets over the period.

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Micromax, which entered the Indian handset market in 2008with cheap large-screen phones, will sell a minority stake inits initial public offering of shares, the newspaper said,citing unnamed bankers and a company executive.

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With the growth in cloud service providers and data stored in the cloud, it is inevitable that another major retailer will suffer a large-scale security breach, potentially affecting hundreds of millions of people.

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After all, people have been trying to help her prepare for her stint behind bars but Teresa seemed to be in denial about everything. Only time will tell if she and her husband have in fact learned their lesson and can move on to a life without crime.

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Harrington decided to first try the Master Cleanse that Beyoncé used to slim her curves for “Dreamgirls” (2006) followed by the Herculean diet she devised to lose the pregnancy weight following the birth of Blue Ivy.

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The high-profile case raises questions about the role of rehabilitation and challenges conventional wisdom that a convicted criminal who has paid for his offense should be given a chance to work. The situation is complicated by Evans' lack of remorse — he insists he is innocent and has never apologized.

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"These [local Sunnis] are the worst. They are barbarians. They take two, three, four, five women," Mr Domle says. "The world has forgotten our women and girls. Where is the international military operation to free them?"

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On Monday, the central bank said it was reducing thecurrency's official rate to 12,740 roubles per dollar on Jan. 6from 11,900 roubles on Monday, a further weakening of a currencywhich fell around 20 percent against the dollar in 2014.


LONDON, Jan 5 (Reuters) - British department store chainJohn Lewis enjoyed the most lucrative week in its150-year-history thanks to "Black Friday" business which helpedto drive sales nearly five percent higher in the five weeks toDec. 27.

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Derek Fisher continues to kick around the subject of Carmelo Anthony and his troublesome left knee but hasn’t given much thought to shutting him down for an extended period of time, despite the downward trajectory of the Knicks’ season and the importance of Melo’s long-term health to the franchise.

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“We thought it would be a good stretch to get a good recovery in and hopefully, he can be back with us next week,” Fisher said on Saturday, again suggesting that Anthony may rest on Sunday before reversing course and admitting, “It’s day by day and oftentimes, on game days when we do have shootarounds, that’s a pretty good barometer as far as where guys are and what they’ll be able to do that night. So, I think that’s why I’m reluctant to look too far down the line and say he’s not going to play.

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The opposition leader says she has been confined to her office in Dhakas diplomatic enclave since Saturday, according to BNP party officials, with armoured vehicles equipped with water cannon outside.

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Sharp falls in regional inflation numbers out of Germanyunderlined the contrast in monetary policy outlooks between theUnited States and most of the rest of the developed world thathas sent the dollar soaring since mid-2014.

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Ryanair hedges its jet fuel purchases further in advancethan most, meaning it is locked into higher oil prices butargues that stability is more important to it than the marginalsavings it might make on fuel costs.

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He said on initial assessment, some patients may have a low risk for embolism, but in some cases the risk can increase as the pregnancy progresses and new systems were needed so the risk could be recalculated at later stages of the pregnancy.

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The mid-range SE-L Lux and range-topping Sport Nav models will now have Stone leather upholstery as an option (rather than black leather) and the top-spec car also has other new optional equipment including radar cruise control.

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The Lions, who led 14-0 and then 20-7, were up 20-17 when Matthew Stafford fired a pass down the left side for Pettigrew at the Cowboys’ 28. Immediately, a pass interference flag was thrown on Hitchens, who had his back to the play, shoved Pettigrew with his left hand and prevented him from making a play on the ball.

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Besides ETFs tracking the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index, some of the biggest individual ETF asset gatherers in 2014 included the iShares Core U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF and the Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF.

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Jets: It’s New York and there’s a lot of pressure, but anybody who can end the 46-year Super Bowl drought will be a hero forever. There’s also the sixth pick in the draft and $40 million in salary cap room. But who plays quarterback?