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“I think everybody involved is reasonable enough and smart enough as people in this business to come together on that if that time comes,” Fisher said of a possible medical procedure or a long rest for Anthony. “From the conversations I’ve been a part of, I think everybody is smart enough to realize, calendar-wise, timing-wise that there may come a point that’s the decision that needs to be made but that we can’t force Carmelo to that point just yet.”

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U.S. gasoline prices were $1.11 more expensive just one year ago. At the beginning of 2014, the national average for regular unleaded was $3.32. Prices rose in the spring due to refinery maintenance and the switch to “summer-blend gasoline,” peaking at $3.70 on April 18th. Prices fluctuated through the summer, before finishing the year on a historic 97-day streak of declines, dropping $1.08 from September 26 — December 31. That streak reached 101 days on Sunday, with prices falling a total of $1.13 so far.

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The top four seeds in the postseason, who all had first-round byes, are led by quarterbacks who have won the Super Bowl and while all start as favourites in their games, none expect a straightforward passage to the conference championship games.

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After successfully confirming the existence of the Higgs boson in 2012, teams running Cern's four main experiments still have "unfinished business with the Universe", according to Prof Tara Shears from the University of Liverpool.

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If Straub closes the purchase, the hotel may not have heat.His team has said they will buy the hotel free of its contracts,including its agreement with ACR Energy Partners, the hotel'sonly utility.

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With a number of national football associations in disarray, fans are hoping the teams will now clean up their act so that the food at the forthcoming Cup of Nations and the next World Cup will be delicious.

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"My name is Tumaini and I am Mama Africa's tailor. There is not a great tradition of big costumes in African shows as there is in Europe. Here we try to put real African dresses on the stage, using the colourful fabrics people wear in the street. This is real Africa not an unimaginable Africa."

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Martinez, who was photographed holding an empty car seat, allegedly used the seat to shove an airport employee to the ground. TMZ adds that it is unclear if the man who fell had been trying to take pictures of the famed family. He was taken to a hospital, and TMZ adds that he complained of abdominal pain.

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Blandino and NFL officiating came under fire again on Sunday, after a bizarre sequence in the fourth quarter of the Cowboys' win, when Lions tight end Brandon Pettigrew seemed to draw a penalty on third-and-1. The penalty was announced as pass interference by Pete Morelli and stepped off, only for Morelli to rescind the call moments later.

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Sierra Nevada objected to NASA's selection of Boeing because its price tag was $900 million more than Sierra Nevada's. It also argued that NASA failed to follow its own procurement guidelines, which emphasized safety and price over schedule.

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But his son, Rory, said his father's favourite role had been US President Franklin D Roosevelt, whom he played in the TV movies Eleanor and Franklin and Eleanor and Franklin: The Whitehouse Years in 1976 and 1977.

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"But it takes time to develop nurses with the right knowledge and skills to care for patients. What we need is a whole system review of health and social care to ensure that we understand how many nurses and other health and social care staff we need, and what investment is required to develop them, to continue to meet the needs of patients now and in the future."

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Stuart Scott, more than any other journalist I can think of, changed the rules of the game. In tune with youth culture, the language of black athletes, the rhythms of hip hop music and speech, Scott revolutionized how sports anchors could talk on the air.

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Mr Ehlers says he is "very heartened" by SnapScan's growth, with approximately 14,000 merchants accepting payments using the service in South Africa, and thousands of users making payments each week.

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In what was always a poor part of the country, he had allowed a few people to shop on the promise of future payment even before the Syrian war. But in the last year, the figure had doubled, Mr Zoghbi said, fingering a fat notebook where he wrote the debts owed.

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Beijing is also looking to reduce the length of the review process for patent and trademark applications. Patent reviews will decline to 20.2 months in 2020 from 22.3 months in 2013, while trademark reviews will fall to 9 months from 10 months.

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She said that while many studies have looked at men and women's food intake and dietary patterns, ‘few studies have exclusively examined men's attitudes and behaviours in relation to food and health'.

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If Straub closes the purchase, the hotel may not have heat.His team has said they will buy the hotel free of its contracts,including its agreement with ACR Energy Partners, the hotel'sonly utility.

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"But the way they did it seems to have been in alliance with paramilitary groups. And the paramilitaries subsequently went in and 'disappeared' at least 200-300 people from the area. So the bodies at la escombrera are the victims of what can only be called a state crime."

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“It’s not easy to score in this league anymore,” Jagr said. “With the videos, the preparation, the systems they play, plus the goaltenders are so good. I am happy for every opportunity to score goals.”

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The sale of Goldman Sachs' and Prudential's 33.3 percent stake in Associated British Ports (ABP) hasattracted at least three indicative bids from internationalsuitors. City sources told the paper that Canada's OPTrust wasleading a bid with other funds, while Canada Pension Plan hassubmitted a rival offer as well as a group including 3iInfrastructure, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority andKuwait's Wren House Infrastructure.

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There are a few exceptions for people under 24 to be considered independent: those who are married, have dependent children, served in the military, have a legal guardian or are wards of the court. You can find out more about the rules, which are different from those used by the IRS, on the Education Department's financial aid site.

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In a bid to aid post-Christmas weight loss, many papers are touting diet plans, healthy recipes and fitness regimes. But, as public health advisers launch a new campaign to wean the country off sugar, the Independent fears it won't be easy. "We cut out conventional sweets, unaware that sugar lurks in soups, sauces, bread, meat and other savoury items... One way to get us to eat less sugar is to force manufacturers to put a lot less of the stuff into what we eat. Without that, we will remain hooked."


"Corruption must be wiped out," Ms Rousseff said in her swearing-in speech, adding that Petrobras must be better managed but also defended "from its internal predators and also from its external enemies".

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"I don't think it would be smart for the Republican conference to take advice from this White House," Jindal said in an interview with The Associated Press. "Steve's a good, decent man. I continue to support him. I know his heart. He's not a racist."

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To measure a star's spin, astronomers look for changes in its brightness caused by dark spots on its surface - the stellar equivalent of sunspots. Unlike our Sun, a distant star is an unresolved point of light so astronomers can't directly see a sunspot cross the stellar disk. Instead, they watch for the star to dim slightly when a sunspot appears, and brighten again when the sunspot rotates out of view.

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The Treasuries rally came as the euro sank to a nearnine-year low against the dollar, driven lower by a Europeanpolicymaker's comments that raised expectations the EuropeanCentral Bank will soon open up a bond-buying program.

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Though Lane makes a compelling point, it’s surely an arguable one. Newt Gingrich’s 2012 primary victory in South Carolina over Mitt Romney proved fleeting, as the establishment band of the party rushed in with resources to crush Gingrich in Florida and beyond. The same could’ve happened to Huckabee.

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Sierra Nevada is still “evaluating the decision,” the company said in a statement Monday. “While the outcome was not what SNC expected we maintain our belief that the Dream Chaser spacecraft is technically very capable, reliable and was qualified to win based on NASA’s high ratings of the space system.”

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Almost two-thirds of chief financial officers at leading companies said their organisations faced “normal, high or very high levels of uncertainty”, according to the survey by Deloitte. Nine months ago, less than a half of CFOs voiced such concerns.

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But advertisers see potential. They particularly like a watch feature that Apple calls "Force Push" that activates when a user taps the screen with extra pressure, opening up a menu with up to four actions. They envision coupons that when tapped can show directions to a store, for example.

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Areas of questioning authorized by Holder included asking Risen to confirm the accuracy of his reporting, that he had a confidentiality agreement with his source(s) and that he and Sterling “had a prior non-confidential reporter-source relationship.”

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Yamana, which has assets in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexicoand Canada, on Friday said the arbitrator's assessment was a"gross miscalculation of the actual value", and the company hadidentified significant errors in it.

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“He’s one of those guys that you have to play a 60-minute game against,” DE DeMarcus Ware said. “He has really good pocket awareness. He’s always one of those guys, just like Peyton, where he hits the open guy the majority of the time.”

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NFC: Carolina is at the reigning Super Bowl champion Seahawks on Saturday; Dallas is at Green Bay on Sunday. Two terrific defenses will meet in Seattle, while the offenses will get attention in the Cowboys' first postseason game at the Packers since the 1967 Ice Bowl. Romo and Dallas went 8-0 on the road in the regular season; Packers QB Aaron Rodgers hasn't thrown an interception at home since December 2012.

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Over the weekend, the Royal Free hospital in London issued a statement that “the condition of Pauline Cafferkey has gradually deteriorated over the past two days and is now critical". The news came as a surprise given that her doctor said she had been eating, drinking and communicating with her family on New Year’s Day.

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Something that strikes me as perhaps more than coincidence… Jeff Fisher had modest success in guiding the Oilers / Titans through their move. Could this unique perspective be a reason why it’s beneficial for Kroenke to retain Fisher as Rams Head Coach?

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Pete Carroll, who built a dynasty at USC, and Andy Reid, who went to five NFC championship games and one Super Bowl in Philly, made sense to bring into the fold before a GM was in place. Carroll’s and Reid’s resumes warranted the moves.

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At 2:47 p.m., the Dow Jones industrial average fell335.44 points, or 1.88 percent, to 17,497.55, the S&P 500 lost 39.29 points, or 1.91 percent, to 2,018.91 and the NasdaqComposite dropped 82.12 points, or 1.74 percent, to4,644.69.

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And what a year it figures to be with Rodriguez slated to return to the Yanks from his Biogenesis suspension. A-Rod’s comeback attempt figures to be an enormous story when the team’s spring camp begins next month in Tampa and the club has said Rodriguez will compete for at-bats as the designated hitter.

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The hepatitis C pricing struggle isn’t likely to end withthis agreement. “The fact that Gilead is fighting back withrebates is incrementally negative for AbbVie,” said Alex Arfaei, an analyst at BMO Capital Markets Corp. “It tells youthat they’re going to fight back, and what they have going forthem is a better product and volume” of patients.

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"The case still needs to be fully investigated like it should have been fully investigated when this first happened," Wayne County prosecutor Worthy says. "You put a case together the old-fashioned way."

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China said on Monday it had lodged a protest with Pyongyang after media reports said a North Korean army deserter killed four Chinese nationals during a robbery in the Chinese border city of Helong late last month.

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Gilead has come under intense criticism for the high priceof its first-to-market all-oral treatment; Sovaldi costs about$1,000 per pill. Harvoni combines Sovaldi with another drug intoa one-pill, once-a-day treatment with cure rates well above 90percent.

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The cable would significantly boost energy security in bothcountries. Britain would be able to import power from Norway tobalance its wind and solar generation, whilehydropower-dependent Norway could import power from Britainduring dry years.

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Marrone had an out in his Bills contract that he exercised when the estate of Ralph Wilson sold the team to Terry and Kim Pegula. He gets $4 million from the Bills no matter what happens, but it’s not logical that he walked away without the security of having a job lined up.

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According to the study's lead author, Prof Jack Cuzick, of Queen Mary University in London, tamoxifen is already a ‘well-established and effective treatment for certain breast cancers, but we now have evidence of its very long-term preventive benefits'.

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A similar bill on Keystone failed late last year and it isunlikely that Republicans, even with their new majority, couldmuster the votes needed to overcome an Obama veto. The newSenate Energy Committee Chairwoman, Lisa Murkowski, plans a voteon Thursday by her panel on the issue.

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“They had the four things you want in a great guest,” he said. “They had passion, they had an ability to explain what they do very well, they have a great sense of humor. And they had a little bit of a chip on their shoulder, which also adds a little bit of anger at things they thought weren’t right. When you combine those four things you have a great guest, and Cuomo had that 100%.”

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A key factor is what Borgonovi said about “learning in the same educational system.” Some school systems are designed to rely on homework, perhaps using independent study as a substitute for what could otherwise be learned in school. “If you are prepared to change the system, that’s great,” said Borgonovi. “But until you do so, if the system is based on homework, then you should do more of it.”

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A good way to open the conversation is, “What do you think is causing these nosebleeds?” and “How can I prevent these nosebleeds?” Follow up with, “What should I do if I have another bleed?” The answers will depend on your health history. “These nosebleeds can be really frustrating for patients, but there are many things we can do to rein them in prevent them in the first place,” says Iloreta. “If you have recurrent nosebleeds, talk to your doctor to find out why they’re occurring to avoid subsequent emergency room visits.”

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Gracie was among 50 dogs rescued from Vick's home in Surry County after the NFL star was busted for his part in a cruel dog-fighting ring. Vick, currently with the New York Jets, served 18 months in prison.

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The 22-year-old woman, who identified herself as Galette's live-in assistant, suffered a bloody ear and scratches to her face after a physical altercation with Galette, 26, and his cousin, Kenner police spokesman Lieutenant Brian McGregor said.

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The real life story of Australian journalist Peter Greste, who went to Cairo to fill in at al-Jazeera's bureau and ended up in jail, may soon have a happy ending too. Not only for him, but also his colleagues Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed.

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-As the money coming into college football continues to be this obscene, as the sport starts to look more like a satellite version of the NFL, how does the NCAA possibly justify not finding a way to pay the players?

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Accordingto Kizer, once your bond portfolio is $500,000 or more, diversification acrossissuers is "easily achieved."By owningindividual, high-quality Treasury bonds, or municipal bonds such as those I havedescribed, you will save the expense ratio charged by bond mutual funds. Evenif this expense ratio is low, it does lower your returns.

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Bharat Nepal, who chairs the Bagmati Transport Entrepreneurs Association behind the scheme, said it was designed to address the longstanding issue of sexual harassment, which is particularly problematic during peak hours.

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Lebanese officials say they simply can't absorb more refugees. They estimate there are about 1.5 million Syrians in Lebanon, about one-quarter of the total population. Some 1.1 million of those are registered with the U.N.'s refugee agency, UNHCR.

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Commerzbank said it held around 400 million euros inexposure to Greece at the end of September, while Deutsche Banksaid it held around 298 million euros in exposure to corporate,bank and public debt.

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Williams, the 18-time major winner, said the round-robin nature of the Hopman Cup took some pressure off her ahead of the Australian Open later this month, and she was also heeding some advice from her father, Richard.


"Meeting her made my job so much easier," Jones admits. "It's not a situation where you go in there and ask really personal questions. You are gently trying to get to know each other.

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Either way, it puts the skids on further discounting of Gilead shares, which have tumbled from around $108 a share since AbbVie won the FDA OK and scored the Express Scripts deal, says Micheal Yee, analyst with RBC Capital Markets.

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"It not only makes existing heart conditions worse but also contributes to development of the disease. Avoiding air pollution where possible may help to reduce cardiovascular risk and cardiologists should incorporate this information into lifestyle advice for their patients," they commented.

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But it is becoming increasingly competitive and several worship schools have emerged in the country. They teach students specific skills that have little to do with theological knowledge, and more to do with show business.

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In countries such as China, Italy, Greece and Germany pension ages have been raised, although the pill has been sugared slightly by pegging retirement to the length of time workers have paid into a fund, rather than their actual age.

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Every 9/11 family member has visions of their loved one's last moments. I don't know who is more fortunate, those who know the precise details of their relative's death or those who don't — those who can only imagine it from the countless horrific images captured in real time and published over and over in the media for the last 13 years.

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"Our results indicate that there is no causal link between antibiotics treatment and childhood asthma. But it is still important to use antibiotics very carefully, considering the threat of antibiotic resistance. We also want to emphasise the importance of correctly diagnosing children with airway symptoms, where suspected symptoms of asthma should be separated from respiratory infection," commented lead researcher, Prof Catarina Almqvist Malmrosof, of the Karolinska Institutet.

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It also reflects how much the nation’s third-largest state has changed since the days of Anita Bryant, the former beauty pageant queen and orange juice spokeswoman who started her national campaign against gay rights in Miami in the 1970s.

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The Americans will take on the Canadian duo of Eugenie Bouchard and Vasek Pospisil in the evening session on Tuesday, while Czech duo Lucie Safarova and Adam Pavlasek will aim for a second Group A win against the Italians earlier in the day.

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Researchers at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) hope that their work on hydrogen fuel cell innovations may help with the global quest to cut reliance on fossil fuels, as well as helping with South Africa's own attempts to give more of its population access to electricity.

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The party secured the largest number of seats in parliament and is made up not only of prominent trade unionists and businessmen, but also includes members of the RCD, which was dissolved after Mr Ben Ali was ousted.

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He said he should have been released after sentencing in late December, but instead was being held pending the publication of the verdict on Jan. 15 - a situation that even the police did not know how to deal with.

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Berlack, from Franconia, New Hampshire, and Astle, from Sandy, Utah, were part of a group of six skiers who were descending from the 3,056-meter Gaislachkogel when they left the prepared slope and apparently set off the avalanche. The other four skied out of the slide and escaped unhurt.

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Shopkeepers and taxi drivers on the Lebanon side of the Masnaa border crossing said thousands of Syrians crossed the frontier on Sunday before the rules were implemented at midnight. On Monday, the border was quiet.

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He said UKIP, the SNP, the Greens and Plaid Cymru "all, in their own way, peddle divisive populism based on grievance", and warned there would be "mayhem" if a collection of them ended up propping up a bigger party in government".

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"Physicians should do all they can to control every other modifiable cardiovascular risk factor in patients with asthma," commented the scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health.

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In October, climate skeptics reported the 18th straight year of flat global temperatures. Satellite data shows no temperature increase since 1997. The “pause” in global warming is now old enough to vote or to serve in the military.

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We sat in silence for the entire duration of the video. The animation noted when radio contact ceased and when the plane's unique radar signature, its transponder, was turned off. We watched, barely breathing, as the Boeing 757 changed course. Almost immediately after it completed its 180 degree turn, the plane began to pitch and roll violently.

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At this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, mobile-marketing firm TapSense plans to release an Apple Watch ad-buying service. The service will provide a first glimpse of how businesses can serve up ads on the watch, even though the gadget will not be available until later this year.

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They added that while it is essential to closely monitor the growth of a baby in the womb, as this can provide an early warning about the risk of stillbirth, the baby's gender is rarely taken into account.

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On Fox's broadcast, announcer Joe Buck said: "Boy, that was late." Then, addressing former head of NFL officiating Mike Pereira, Buck asked, "You ever seen that call picked up that late?"

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Meanwhile, Tim Peake will be going through his final rounds of training before starting his historic six-month mission into space. In recent decades, manned spaceflight has failed to inspire successive UK governments but ministers are now excited by the chance of generating a massive profile for the growing space industry. Tim's journey begins at Baikonur, Russia's spaceport, where he'll climb into a trusty Soyuz rocket for the six-hour journey to the International Space Station. Blast-off is scheduled for Friday, 20 November. A departure time has already been set: 9pm London time.

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Long shot Republicans have also been busy in Iowa, along with the better known names such as New Jersey's Chris Christie and 2012 Iowa caucuses winner Rick Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has stepped up his Iowa travel, as has former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

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Coveney also thanked US officials. “This is the culmination of two years of intensive work between my Department and our US counterparts to prove our credentials as a supplier of highest quality premium beef. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my US counterpart Secretary of [Agriculture] Tom Vilsack with whom I’ve worked very closely on this issue to bring it to this stage,” he said.

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"I once again urge anyone who has concerns regarding the care of vulnerable adults to come forward and speak to the HSE, HIQA, the Ombudsman or the Gardai. They can also make a complaint under the Protected Disclosure or Whistle Blower legislation.

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"I know that there is one lingering question in the back of your minds and that question is, how the hell do you pronounce his name?" Pitt joked, drawing chuckles from the crowd. "It's all right, I've been there, and I'm here to help."

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Other mental health experts who specialize in treating children advise that the family try to keep as normal a routine as possible. They must keep in mind that grief is a process. It's not a problem to be fixed.

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Travis Jervey, that one guy, was the Packers’ fifth-round pick in 1995, a running back out of The Citadel. He may not be going to Canton but he did make one Pro Bowl as a special teamer during a nine-year career in the NFL, discovered by the light of midnight oil fueled by a little elbow grease.

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Before going into what India needs, we need to ask what India has, especially in terms of its coaching staff: Duncan Fletcher as its head coach and Bharat Arun as a bowling coach. Both have been guilty of not being able to improve India’s dismal bowling performance.

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Pedophile rock star Ian Watkins and his partner spoke of having a child so they could rape and kill it "as soon as she is born" while they were making love, it was charged in British court on Monday.

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Resolving to lose weight in the New Year is as ubiquitous on Dec. 31 as “Auld Lang Syne.” But it may be the toughest promise to keep. As exciting as a new gym membership may be, it’s hard to focus on your future bikini body when all you see is snow, sleet and a freezing walk to Pilates class. A warm apartment — and comfy couch — are more compelling than some beach fantasy.

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Speaking to the BBC, Australia's Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said: "We are doing everything we possibly can but nature is powerful, fires are powerful and everyone must respond to that threat."

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At 2:47 p.m., the Dow Jones industrial average fell335.44 points, or 1.88 percent, to 17,497.55, the S&P 500 lost 39.29 points, or 1.91 percent, to 2,018.91 and the NasdaqComposite dropped 82.12 points, or 1.74 percent, to4,644.69.

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“Sometimes patients will spend more time picking a color for a new car or deciding on a new car than actually investigating a surgeon that is actually taking your life into his or her hands, and that to me is frightening because it’s your life. You can replace your car, but you can’t replace your life,” ASPS President Dr. Scot Glasberg told He added that the pressures of the insurance market and lower reimbursement to physicians has led to many unqualified people to perform plastic surgery and receive the out-of-pocket costs for it.

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Blandino said the handling of the situation is what led to a Monday filled with conspiracy theories about the ref czar, who was caught partying with Jerry Jones' son, Stephen Jones, back in August.

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OBERSTDORF, Germany (AP) — Marit Bjoergen led another Norwegian sweep of the podium Sunday to win the second stage of the women's cross-country Tour de Ski, while Norway's Petter Northug won the men's race.

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"We got out, one-by-one, from the window. I was the fifth. I was waiting outside the window for my cousin. But I saw a light coming. I couldn't wait any longer. I jumped over a wall. We ran - and kept running. We couldn't help the others."

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Comparing its genome to other mammals, the scientists discovered differences in the whale's genes related to DNA repair, cell cycle, cancer and the aging process that may help explain its lifespan and vitality.

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“We definitely got a break right there,” said Church. “I would have called it if I was the ref, because he was kind of shielding the offensive player. But I’m not the ref, I’m not out there. We definitely got a break on that one.”

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When the starlet was asked how the engaged duo handle the constant attention and rumors surrounding their personal life, Aniston said "We know what our truth is, and that is all just static."

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The Tories have released a headline figure - over 20bn - for what they say are spending commitments Labour have already made for next year. They won't show us how they reached that figure until later today when they will publish an 80 page dossier of what they call Treasury opposition costings.

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Admittedly, there is officially only one head of state on any given day. But there are three members of the presidency, one for each of the country's major ethnic groups, who take it in turns to hold that title, with each serving an eight-month term.

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Bloomberg reported last month that London-based drugmakerShire Plc was considering an offer for NPS and thetiming of the possible bid would depend on whether the regulator approves NPS's hormone replacement therapyNatpara.

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A member of the grand jury that declined to indict the Ferguson police officer who fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown asked a federal court Monday to remove a lifetime gag order preventing jurors from discussing the case.

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Police spokesman Lt. Brian McGregor says officers arrested Galette after a 22-year-old woman called. The woman alleges that Galette and cousin Terrance Banks forcibly removed her from the home when she demanded cab fare. Banks also has been arrested.

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Investors seeing the decline in share prices and concernabout overleveraged companies could bet on weaker playersgetting taken out by bigger companies. The energy sector hasalready seen one big deal, in November, when Halliburton Co agreed to buy Baker Hughes Inc for $35 billion.

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“The way we played tonight, if we had Gretzky we wouldn’t have won,” Wayne Simmonds said. The one compensation was a seat as Jagr turned back the clock. “He’s one of the top five players to ever play the game,” Simmonds said. “It stinks that it happened against us, but as a hockey fan, it’s great to watch.”

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If you are ever lucky enough to dive and see underwater caves of the Indo-Pacific Ocean, you may be surprised to see a fantastic show, unlike anything you’ve seen before: the flashing of the clam Ctenoides ales, also known as the “disco” clam.