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What's interesting, though, is that greater numbers of recalls weren't just a trend at GM. Automakers from Detroit and around the globe were sending notices left and right -- perhaps because of the added public scrutiny brought on by the GM Switchgate scandal. Whatever the cause, though, 2014 is now unofficially known as the Year of the Recall.

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Children who slept in the same room as small screens such as smartphones got almost 21 fewer minutes of shuteye a night than those who didn’t, according to research published today by the journal Pediatrics. The two age groups studied -- about 9 years old and 12 years old -- also reported significantly less regular sleep with a phone nearby, possibly due to the buzz of text messages and Snapchats.

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"We think that based on genetic analysis onions came from central Asia, so they are already far afield by the time the Mesopotamians are using them. There's also very early evidence of their use in Europe back to the Bronze Age," says food historian Laura Kelley, author of The Silk Road Gourmet.

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Now, under a hybrid QE scheme, the central banks of the weaker peripheral countries may be permitted to buy the debts of their respective governments, if the ECB won't - and that might help to bring down borrowing costs.

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Kuechly, the even-keeled wunderkind, collected 10 tackles. He maintained that Arizona quarterback Ryan Lindley, the unlikeliest starting quarterback in the playoffs, did not appear nervous against Carolina’s pressure at first. He felt Lindley, a sixth-round draft pick who had never started a playoff game in his three-year career, came prepared to play, but grew frustrated as the Panthers dialed up their pass rush. They forced Lindley to throw two interceptions, and he surrendered to four sacks. Kuechly smiled at the chaos.

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Mike Huckabee probably thought he’d hold on to the political spotlight a little longer after announcing Saturday that he was leaving his Fox News show to consider a 2016 White House run. Then Chris Christie, another potential GOP presidential candidate, started hugging people.

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Pimco is a unit of German insurer Allianz SE. Itoversaw $1.87 trillion of assets as of Sept. 30, 2014, but hassuffered large redemptions since co-founder Bill Gross resignedsuddenly on Sept. 26 to join Janus Capital Group Inc.

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"Hopefully when (moviegoers) walk out, they'll like the person sitting next to them in the theater a little bit more than when they walked into the theater, and there's no bigger goal than that."

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The fact that Ireland is the first EU country to be given access to the US market for the first time in 16 years - since the BSE crisis - is seen by many as giving the Irish industry a head start on its European counterparts.

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In the Deloitte survey of 119 CFOs, most were broadly optimistic about the domestic economy and expected real wages to rise. However, there concerns over stagnation in the eurozone, the outcome of the election and the prospect of a referendum in 2017 on the UK’s EU membership.

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In her complaint, filed late on Friday, Assisted LivingConcepts Inc former Chief Executive Laurie Bebo alleges that theSecurities and Exchange Commission, by filing charges againsther in its in-house court instead of a federal court, chose alegal venue that greatly disadvantages her defense and gives herlittle time to review 1.5 million pages of investigative files.

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Just the second team with a losing record to win a division title, the Panthers took their fifth straight game by ending Arizona’s season Saturday. It was Carolina’s first playoff win in nine years.

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DE-FENSE: The Colts' defense is often overlooked. But Indy has been playing well lately. Against a depleted Bengals offense, the Colts limited Jeremy Hill to 13 carries for 47 yards. Indy also dominated the second half, giving up just 98 total yards and five first downs to the Bengals.

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According to Dutch researchers, it is already known that stroke can cause memory problems, but they wanted to investigate whether the reverse was true - that memory problems can increase the risk of a stroke.

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StartUp Britain, the national enterprise campaign run by the think-tank Centre for Entrepreneurs, say the total number of new businesses launched last year was almost 50,000 more than in 2013 and 97,000 more than in 2012.

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They also noted that this form of exercise could be particularly beneficial for people with ‘lower physical tolerance like those with pre-existing cardiac conditions, the elderly, or those with musculoskeletal or joint pain'.

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"I envision a wide range of initiatives: more distributedpower, expanded rooftop solar, micro-grids, an energy imbalancemarket, battery storage, the full integration of informationtechnology and electrical distribution and millions of electricand low-carbon vehicles," Brown said in his speech inSacramento.

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Daniel Donovan, Jr., the district attorney who handled the Garner case and the respondent in all four petitions, is opposing the unsealing of the Garner case, saying the petitioners do not have the right to make the request.

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For the third quarter, Dish said it lost about 12,000 pay-TVsubscribers compared with the second quarter. It has about 14million subscribers, making it the second-largest U.S. satelliteTV company.

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Douglas in 2011 received a settlement to resolve her lawsuit against toymaker Mattel and CBS Consumer Products over a Barbie doll modeled after Elly May made without her permission. She unsuccessfully sued Disney in 1993, accusing the company of stealing her concept for the film "Sister Act."

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This marks the first Alzheimer study that has monitored participants from middle age to old age and according to the researchers, it displays the significant role that personality may have when it comes to the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

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Casserly is new to the consulting game, though not short on opinions: his most recent gig since he was fired by the Texans in 2006 is as a commentator for NFL Network. Casserly questioned the way the Jets were running things from the start this year, pointing out that “it’s hard to know from the outside-in who’s making the final decision on things.”

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Finding the technical solutions to keep the car from going airborne during its high-speed runs has been the main reason why the project is now four years beyond the original schedule; and the required finances have more than tripled as a consequence. But the team believes it is now ready to make its mark.

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"Every day in my practice, I see the huge impact that sight loss has on people. Not only does it affect the individual concerned, but it can have a huge ripple effect across families. These challenges are not only practical in terms of how we go about living our day-to-day lives, but they are also psychological as we mentally adjust from a sighted to a partially or even non-sighted world," he said.

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But it agreed in principle to train and equip Syrian rebels and is already training Kurdish peshmerga fighters in northern Iraq. Ankara has signaled that it is ready to extend similar assistance to the Iraqi army and send arms.

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There are no official figures for the number of sexual assaults in Nepal, but police said reports of violence against women - which include rape, domestic violence and molestation - soared to 6,800 for the year up to July 2014 compared to 1,800 for the previous year. The rise is attributed to greater awareness of gender crimes.

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The stock fell sharply in roughly the first 80 minutes ofthe session, which is when volume was heaviest, before the pricestabilized. More than 3.2 million shares changed hands, theheaviest day of trading for shares since late October.

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Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta combined for three touchdowns. They were uncoverable when it counted, leading to clutch conversions and scores. Kyle Arrington, Marquice Cole and Alfonzo Dennard just couldn't get it done.

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And he quickly hired Benjamin Brafman, one of the top defense attorneys in the city. Brafman's client roster included Sean (P. Diddy) Combs, onetime New York Giants star Plaxico Burress and late Genovese family boss Vincent (Chin) Gigante.

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"I'm so jet lagged and Flavia played really, really well and yeah, everyone needs coffee every now and then. I needed coffee to get my feet moving," Williams said in an on court interview to roars of appreciation from the crowd.

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Most Irish adults drink more alcohol in December compared to other times of the year and almost three in four will suffer from at least one hangover this month as a result, the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) has said.

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Is a visual examination of a heart inside a jar enough to give conclusive proof of TB? Sebastian Lucas, Emeritus Professor of Pathology at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital in London, says probably not.

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Lebanese border officials began informally restricting the entry of Syrians in October, which has already caused a 50 percent drop in people seeking to register with the U.N.'s refugee agency, the UNHCR.

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Phase Two of the London road works will see temporary signals on the A420, starting near Wharton Road junction and moving towards the Headington Roundabout as they progress with the carriageway reconstruction.

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"Malaria remains a major cause of mortality in the world, with almost 700,000 deaths annually. In low-income countries where malaria is endemic, the expensive multi-drug therapy required to treat it is often not an available option so there is a need for new preventative tools.

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Kat Mayer, 16, said: "It's really disappointing, because the ones that were radio tagged could have spread awareness through the blogs and social media so people could have learned about them and been able to follow them."

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India, which traditionally sold airwaves to run mobileservices through a state-selection process, switched to an openauction in 2012 after a scandal over mis-selling of permits thatled to cancellations of many telecoms licenses.

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Greece holds elections on Jan. 25, and the left-wingopposition Syriza party - which wants to cancel austeritymeasures imposed on the country after an international bailoutand a chunk of Greek debt - is narrowly ahead in opinion polls.

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It insisted that many women ‘experience huge challenges' in trying to travel and while some manage to access services abroad, ‘others are forced to continue with the pregnancy and parent against their wishes'.

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Obama has vowed to use his veto pen if Republicans pass legislation he opposes, but he has said he believes he may be able to forge common ground with them in some areas, including free trade, overhauling the tax code and boosting infrastructure spending.

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Harrington found Sophia Loren’s diet to be particularly cruel. “She has these delicious pasta recipes but the amount you can eat is so small that for the rest of the day all you can think about is how you want to eat more pasta.”