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Microsoft's Bing search engine powers Yahoo search under a 10-year deal announced in 2009. Yahoo was not immediately available for comment. Microsoft confirmed the outage, but declined to comment on the cause.

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Coughlin could always change his mind, of course, but for now the only change appears to be the one that has already been made. Quarterbacks coach Danny Langsdorf quit at the end of the season to become the new offensive coordinator at Nebraska, which allowed Coughlin to re-hire Mike Sullivan, his popular former quarterbacks coach.

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He said that the problems in Beaumont's ED, and indeed in other hospitals, have occurred for a number of reasons including a reduction in the overall number of acute hospital beds and a failure by the Government and HSE to recruit and retain trained doctors and nurses.

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1 (1) The Hobbit.............................$21.9 million2 (3) Into the Woods........................$19.1 million3 (2) Unbroken...............................$18.4 million4 (*) The Woman in Black 2...................$15.1 million 5 (4) Night at the Museum....................$14.5 million6 (5) Annie..................................$11.4 million7 (8) The Imitation Game.....................$ 8.1 million8 (6) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.....$ 7.7 million9 (7) The Gambler.............................$ 6.3 million10 (**)Big Hero Six............................$ 4.8 millionLast week's rank in parentheses. (*) = new release (**) = didnot place in top 10CUMULATIVE TOTALSThe Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1.........$323.9 millionThe Hobbit....................................$220.8 millionBig Hero 6....................................$211.3 millionInto the Woods................................$ 91.2 million Night at the Museum...........................$ 89.7 millionUnbroken......................................$ 87.8 millionAnnie.........................................$ 72.6 million The Imitation Game............................$ 30.8 millionThe Gambler...................................$ 27.6 millionThe Woman in Black 2..........................$ 15.1 million

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“While we were talking about desegregation and voting rights, the issues today are essentially economic issues,” Young said. “I don’t see black and white or black and blue. I see everybody having problems with green.”

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The key facts these days are clear, according to Wells Dixon, a former corporate attorney now with the Manhattan-based Center for Constitutional Rights. He oversees 500 attorneys nationwide representing inmates for free.

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Research by the Department of Health has previously shown that Travellers often face certain barriers when it comes to accessing healthcare services. Many do not trust their healthcare providers or do not feel respected by them.

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John Schaaf, a deputy with the US Marshals Service, described how he and two other deputies found Frein at an abandoned airfield on Oct. 30 and took him into custody. He said another marshal first spotted Frein, ordered him to put his hands up, and asked him his name.

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The Falcons are slated to interview him Monday, but the Jets shouldn’t feel any sense of urgency to procure him. He’s not exactly the Falcons’ top choice, according to league sources. The Bears were reportedly interested, but seeing is believing there. Marrone isn’t scheduled for an interview in Chicago.

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"The Millers" star's nine-year marriage to Amy Poehler ended in 2012. He officially filed for divorce 18 months later in April. Before that he was linked the celebrity chef Katie Lee and when their romance "fizzled" he began dating David. Arnett and the “Up All Night” producer called it quits in Dec. 2013.

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Regarding Marrone’s awkward departure from Buffalo, the GM said he did the right thing with no QB, front office friction and a new owner who will likely have waited a year to evaluate him before deciding whether to keep him.

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LORRI (Long Range Reconnaissance Imager) – LORRI is a telescopic camera that will obtain encounter data at long distances, map Pluto’s farside while also providing high resolution geologic data.

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The term "red tape" dates back to the 16th Century when Henry VIII of England besieged the Pope with around 80 petitions regarding the annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon - each one bound and sealed with the obligatory red cloth tape.

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After carefully measuring the masses of small, rocky exoplanets, astronomers have come to the conclusion that our solar system may not be unique and, by extension, those exoplanets surveyed are likely composed of similar materials as Earth.

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But,like many successful “Australian” cultural exports (think Russell Crowe, Crowded House or, er, Keith Urban) the flat white may not actually be Australian at all, but rather from across the Tasman Sea, in New Zealand.

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In December, though, as the team built an eight-game winning streak, the Rangers’ first-year captain appeared to settle down. He’s still feeling out situations and gauging appropriate responses, but McDonagh finally seems a bit more comfortable in his high-profile role.

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"Dancing with the Stars'" newest judge Julianne Hough kicked off season 19 with a bang. The 26-year-old channeled old Hollywood in her look for the premiere. She may not have performed, but Hough definitely stole the show with her glamorous curls and form-fitting dress.

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"I agree he's served his time but it's a very serious crime," said Kath Woodward, a professor of sociology at Britain's Open University who deals extensively with sports issues. "Remorse would go some way toward ameliorating the situation. It's very disappointing that clubs like Oldham are trying to get a reasonable player cheap. It shows the management of football (soccer) doesn't understand the changing times."

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DoCoMo's exit from the Tata venture at a deep discount addsto a string of loss-making investments in mobile firms. In thelate 1990s and early 2000s, it racked up about $13.6 billion inlosses from investments in companies including AT&T Wireless,KPN Mobile and Hutchinson 3G UK. It later sold these stakes.

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Coffee drinkers may be alarmed by the changes, but the Commission claims consumers will not even notice, as coffee in drip-filter machines without an insulated jug is undrinkable after 40 minutes anyway.

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(Phys.org) —Defining what makes a star "Sun-like" is as difficult as defining what makes a planet "Earth-like." A solar twin should have a temperature, mass, and spectral type similar to our Sun. We also ...

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As an exoplanet orbits its star, the tiny gravitational pull can tug the star slightly off-center. By measuring this ”wobble’ (through the analysis of the shifting of wavelength of the detected starlight), astronomers are able to determine the mass of that exoplanet. This mode of exoplanet detection is known as the “radial velocity” method. By combining these mass measurements with observations made by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, which uses the “transit method” to detect exoplanets and determine their physical size, the density of that exoplanet can be calculated. With this valuable information, scientists can begin to understand what that world is made of.

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The Americans will take on the Canadian duo of Eugenie Bouchard and Vasek Pospisil in the evening session on Tuesday, while Czech duo Lucie Safarova and Adam Pavlasek will aim for a second Group A win against the Italians earlier in the day.

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Babies who had to be treated for the symptoms of drug withdrawal at birth scored worse on developmental tests, but it was not clear whether the addiction, the drugs used to treat it, or the longer stay in hospital was to blame - or a combination of all those factors, the researchers said.

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Also Mr Tsipras has allies. Spain now has in Podemos a radical left party which shares many of Syriza's views. It is currently at 22% in the polls. Would the French and Italians really be prepared to see Greece leave, or would a split develop with Germany? Again today (Monday) Francois Hollande has said "Europe cannot continue to be identified by austerity".

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The new policy requiring Syrians to obtain visas that sharply limit the time they can remain in Lebanon effectively narrows one of the few escape routes left from a war that has displaced a third of Syria's pre-war population and shows no sign of ending.

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The human and inhumane race continues, some despotic and some demure. Nothing new to be seen here, the West has mastered the stealth mode of oppressing its people whereas the Mugabes prefer to stand out a little more and do it openly. It has all been going on for hundreds of years North South East and West. Aluta Continua and a very Merry Christmas

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Google's Nest division makes the Protect - a more advanced internet-connected smoke detector that has become one of the poster childs of the smart home sector. But the truth is that despite there being a huge fuss about the idea of making us buy new, cleverer versions of our home appliances, most households have proved resistant to the idea, not least because of the costs involved.

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That ended his streak of consecutive games played at 168. Jagr scored twice in the first period as the Devils jumped out to a 3-0 lead. On Jagr’s first tally, Flyers goalie Ray Emery misplayed the puck behind his net.

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Bowhead whales, which can live over 200 years with almost no evidence of age-related disease, could help humans to live longer, healthier lives, suggests a new study that presents the complete bowhead whale genome.

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Two of the support groups representing those affected, Patient Focus and SOS Ltd, have welcomed the scheme, however a third group, SoS (Survivors of Symphysiotomy), believes it is ‘unjust' and is forcing survivors ‘to choose prematurely between legal action and redress'.

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Tamerlan was interviewed by the FBI in 2011, at the request of the lead Russian security agency, the FSB, which had been monitoring Tamerlan’s alleged interactions with radical groups. Chechnya had by then suffered through the second of two wars since 1994, and the turmoil had spawned a terrorist insurgency, influenced by Islamic extremists, that had affected the entire North Caucasus.

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The law lets the SEC seek more relief and bring cases against a wider array of defendants through an administrative proceeding. An SEC judge presides over the case and trials are typically fast-tracked.

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"It's not as if they travel a lot abroad to western Europeor the United States ... They don't have billions of dollars inwestern banks," said Joel Wit of 38North, part of the U.S. KoreaInstitute at Johns Hopkins University in Washington.

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O'Toole is allowing about three weeks for selection of the jury that will determine both Tsarnaev's guilt and whether he would be sentenced to death if convicted. The judge said opening statements by prosecutors and defense lawyers would begin around Jan. 26.

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Biosimilars, which typically cost 20-30 percent less than their reference biologic, are expected to account for about one quarter of the $100 billion sales stemming from off-patent biologics by the end of the decade, according to Thomson Reuters BioWorld.

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“We definitely got a break right there,” said Church. “I would have called it if I was the ref, because he was kind of shielding the offensive player. But I’m not the ref, I’m not out there. We definitely got a break on that one.”

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One of the schemes will include a 180m funding boost to shared ownership, which is designed to help home seekers on low to medium incomes. There will also be a 45m investment into a project where buyers will not require a deposit or mortgage to purchase a home.

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Many women with breast cancer are given the drug, tamoxifen, to reduce the risk of the disease recurring. However, now a new study has found that the drug also has a major preventive effect in women at risk of the disease, which remains constant for at least two decades.

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Turkey has long argued that air strikes alone are not enough to bring stability. It wants a comprehensive strategy including the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad before it will give stronger support to the U.S.-led campaign.

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Researchers at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut, introduced rhinovirus, the prime cause of the common cold, and monitored the immune response in cells from the airways of mice incubated at core human body temperature and at cooler temperature. They found that low temperatures suppressed the cells' ability to detect viruses as well as their mechanism for alerting the immune system, allowing viruses more freedom to replicate.

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Anthony, who wasn’t made available to the media for a second straight day, was officially listed as “doubtful” by the team to play against the Bucks, but a determination won’t be made until after the morning shootaround, Fisher said.

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"We've had an active, operationally based CEO searchunderway to partner with our founder and owner (Ulukaya) and,while we have several exciting, qualified candidates, nodecision has been made," a spokesman for Chobani said in anemailed response.

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The workshop takes place on Sunday, November 16, in the Regency Hotel, Drumcondra, Dublin 9, at 2pm. If you would like to register to attend, contact Diabetes Ireland on 1850 909 909 or (01) 842 8118. Registration costs €5 per person.

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White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest repeatedly said Scalise once described himself as "David Duke without the baggage." A reporter for the New Orleans Advocate newspaper said Scalise made the remark to her as he was starting out in the Louisiana Legislature nearly 20 years ago. Scalise's office did not immediately respond to calls for comment.

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The bestselling revenge memoir was written after the president ended their relationship following the revelation that he had been having an affair with actress Julie Gayet, and went on to sell 650,000 copies.

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The man was taken to San Francisco General Hospital where he died of his injuries on Sunday evening. San Francisco police officials said they plan to hold a town hall meeting to discuss the fatal shooting.

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The 76-year-old high-powered lawyer's wife is blasting allegations that he bed an underage girl while she was kept as a "sex slave" by financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

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Many non-urgent operations continue to be postponed and a major incident was today declared at Scarborough Hospital, as York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which runs both hospitals, responded to unprecedented demand.

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The Army of Islam is powerful in the area and it clashed with armed residents in Douma in November after locals attacked the storehouses of an organization close to the group, according to the Observatory.

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But Lampard’s stunt is a slap in the face to the league, the club and the fans of New York, the same fans he went to great lengths to establish a relationship with during a very public media tour last summer.


In response, 10,000 cops, fired up by Giuliani and other pols, surged the barricades at City Hall, some caricaturing the city’s first black mayor as a minstrel with giant lips and towering afro. Slogans called him a “washroom attendant.”

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MIAMI (AP) — A judge ruled Monday that same-sex couples can immediately start getting marriage licenses in Miami-Dade County, getting a jump-start on Florida's entry as the 36th state where gay marriages are legal statewide.

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Crude oil futures prices dropped to their lowest since May 2009 amid a global supply glut and falling demand. In spite of the glut and lack of global demand, some large oil-producers are still generating large amounts, exacerbating the situation. Russia's oil output hit a post-Soviet high last year, and Iraq's oil exports in December were the highest since 1980.