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The ZenFone 2 is a powerful device. It has the latest generation Intel Atom Z3580 paired with 4GB RAM, which makes it feel super fast, and that metal finish and crisp display puts the phone into the premium Android smartphone category.

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"He's a good friend of my elder brother in Florida," he said. "I've already told my brother: 'You'd better come down and rub minds with him and introduce us to him.'"

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What GM gave reporters on Sunday night in Vegas, however, was just a brief glimpse of skin. Journalists only got a short look at the outside of the car. No details about the car were revealed beyond what GM has said previously.

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Roethlisberger posted career highs this season with 32 touchdown passes, a 67.1 completion percentage, and an average of 309.5 passing yards per game in leading the NFL's second-ranked offense to the AFC North title.

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Jenkins was neither penalized by officials nor fined by the league for his actions after the incomplete pass late in the first half of the Giants’ 34-26 loss to the Eagles last Sunday. Beckham wasn’t flagged either, although he should have been for removing his helmet.

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By her mid-30s, Sims says she was in a downward spiral after splitting from two guys, a likely reference to the actors Enrique Murciano and Justin Chatwin, from whom Sims had famous splits. In both cases, she vowed to never sell herself short again.

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In this series, Johnson has picked up 13 wickets in three tests at an average of 35.53 which is not impressive by his standards but it’s better than Ishant’s figure of nine wickets at an average of 48.22.

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German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said on Sunday thatGermany wanted Greece to stay in the euro zone and there were nocontingency plans to the contrary. He was responding to anewspaper report that Berlin believes the euro currency unioncould cope without Greece.

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The measure is the response of a country that says it is simply no longer able to cope with hosting what is now the highest per capita number of refugees anywhere in the world, according to UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency.

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"A lot of people abandon their activity trackers after a few months because it's something they have to take off and charge and it's not familiar to them - they tend to lose them or forget to put them back on," says Ariel Carpenter, marketing manager at the French firm, which also sells such dedicated kit.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has resorted to using it fourtimes in his seven months in the office due to a lack ofmajority in the upper house of parliament. Opposition partieshave said the ordinances have undermined India's parliamentarydemocracy.

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Magalhes said whale cells must have a much lower metabolic rate than those of smaller mammals. He said the genome study detected changes in one specific gene involved in the body's temperature regulation that may be related to metabolic differences in whale cells.

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On the last two counts at least, Myerson proved worthy of belonging — and that was clear from the beginning. “It was obvious,” TIME wrote, “that the winner had deserved her victory.”

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The selloff, which began on concerns of oversupply in high quality U.S. shale crude, accelerated after the OPEC meeting in November, when Saudi Arabia ruled out production cuts as a means of boosting prices. The kingdom reasoned that reducing output will hurt its market share instead.

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"There were complaints that women are facing groping and sexual harassment while traveling in crowded buses," Tulsi Prasad Sitaula, a senior transport ministry official, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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One paramedic, who asked not to be named, said some crews waited hours to hand over patients at York Hospital yesterday and said there were up to ten ambulances waiting to hand over their patients at one stage.

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Writer, producer and director of the movie Peter Jackson signs autographs at the premiere of ''The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies'' at Dolby theatre in Hollywood, California December 9, 2014.

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He adds that since the amount of fat and protein eaten influences the shape of the glucose curve by flattening it, his software can deduce all three nutritional elements, and go on to deliver the calorie intake estimate.

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The law's backers say Cornyn's proposal would essentially gut the penalty because little, if any, federal grant money actually goes toward prison administration, operations and constructions. Those are funded by state and local governments.

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Sources said that Marrone belittled people across all levels of the organization. From the front office to the media relations department to reporters to players, he tried to disparage perceived easy targets. His poor treatment of those people didn’t go unnoticed.

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"I think it's all gone a bit to his head, he thinks he doesn't need to bother with the ABC of how to get elected - which starts with people's local needs and that's why I think fighting a vigorous, local campaign ... will cause an upset to many of the assumptions about Alex Salmond's prospects."

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The inscrutable film, which even admirers called baffling, involves a married woman and a single man, and a stray dog. Shot in 3-D, a second film paralleling the first unfolds during the course of its 70-minute running time.

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Of these, 350 people died from poisoning, i.e. as a result of the toxic effect of drugs on the body, while 283 deaths were among drug users and included trauma deaths such as hanging and deaths from medical causes, such as heart problems and liver disease.

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The strike on the Liberian-flagged vessel ARAEVO was part ofincreasingly chaotic violence in Libya which has two parallelgovernments: the officially recognised one, which has beenpushed out of the capital, and the administration run by afaction known as Libya Dawn that seized Tripoli last summer.

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“You can set up the account for a minimum of $10 and contribute at any frequency and any dollar amount that you want,” said Davison. “The money belongs to you. There’s no penalty for taking money out early, and no fees involved along the way.”

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The GAO, an independent nonpartisan agency, said that despite Boeing's higher price, NASA considered the aerospace company's proposal the strongest of all three "in terms of technical approach, management approach, and past performance."

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The “Stay With Me” singer rehearsed for the gig throughout December at an aircraft hangar in the U.K., and promises fans a new sound, although he is concerned that his show may just be 80 minutes long.

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It's another win for potential cord-cutters, making it that much easier to cancel pricey pay-TV subscriptions. Time Warner (which is the parent of this website) recently announced that HBO would soon be available as a stand alone web service.

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There is uncertainty about the number of people buried beneath the tons of earth and rubble collected from building sites and dumped here. It is believed some were discarded here before the killings in 2002, and that the paramilitaries were not the only perpetrators.

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SHANGHAI, Jan 5 (Reuters) - China stocks rose to theirhighest in five years on Monday led by a jump in the propertysector as investors welcomed mortgage-policy changes in Beijingand Guangzhou designed to help the troubled sector.

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Mozilla and Panasonic tout Firefox OS as an easier way to access and navigate through HDTV content.“This new platform enables developers and service providers to create a wide range of applications and services to deliver a new user experience," Li Gong, senior vice president of mobile devicesand president of Asia operationsat Mozilla, said in a press release.

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Investment by Big Pharma in antibiotic research has revivedas bacteria grow increasingly resistant to existing drugs,leading Merck & Co to bid for Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc and casting other antibiotic drug developers aspotential targets.

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The world No. 4, who lost to Novak Djokovic on Friday in an exhibition in Abu Dhabi, received a first-round bye in Chennai and is drawn to play either Croatian player Borna Coric or Robin Haase of the Netherlands in the second round.

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It is a small business not far from the rubble of Rana Plaza, a Dhaka suburb building that collapsed in April 2013 killing more than 1,100 people, most low-paid seamstresses, and prompting a costly safety overhaul at plants large and small.

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"The market is readying itself for action from the ECB. The first meeting of the year takes place on 22nd January, so the euro is likely to remain in focus and see heightened volatility as we approach that date, which is also a few days before the Greek General Election," said FxPro senior analyst Angus Campbell.

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** Air Arabia has bought a 49 percent stake inJordan's Petra Airlines, the United Arab Emirates-based carriersaid on Monday. Petra Airlines will be rebranded as Air ArabiaJordan and the UAE carrier will establish a hub at Amman's QueenAlia International Airport, with operations to commence underthe new name in the first quarter, according to a statement toDubai's bourse.

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This is really LeBron like we’ve never seen or heard him before. And it is a bit troubling. Following a win against the Orlando Magic last week, James revealed that a verbal altercation with Tobias Harris woke him up, saying “I was actually in chill mode tonight but chill mode was deactivated after that.”

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About 320 U.S. Marines are training members of the Iraqi 7th Division at Ain al-Asad air base in western al Anbar province, which is taking regular harassing mortar fire from Islamic State militants, said Army Colonel Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman. The training began on Dec. 20.

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The human body uses light and darkness to influence circadian rhythms, the physical, mental and behavioral changes in a 24-hour cycle. The brain’s internal clock uses the amount of light to determine when to produce more melatonin, a hormone that brings on sleepiness. Charles A. Czeisler, a professor of sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School, estimates that since the advent of electricity-powered light, people’s internal sleep triggers have been pushed back six hours.

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Theseadvisors are also able to purchase bonds in "odd lots,” at amounts such as $25,000 or $50,000, which institutional investors tend to avoid. These odd lotstypically trade at higher yields, ranging from a typical 15 to 20 basis points inyield to as much as 80 to 90 basis points. This is another benefit for thosewilling to trade off some liquidity, and most investors don’t need liquidityfor their entire portfolio.

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On the minus side, we did not have the opportunity to try out GoBe ourselves as we were told "it takes time to calibrate" to a specific person, and so the results were based on us stuffing Mr Mikaberydze with snack food.

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“I’m on the other side of the fence from him — I’m not a Democrat. But he was a nice guy to be around. I roomed with him on the road quite a bit because we got along pretty well. Opposites attract. I didn’t put up with any of his guff — he always liked to dominate a conversation. I didn’t take any of it.”

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DoCoMo requested the sale in July. That gave Tata Sons 90business days to find a buyer for 72.5 billion rupees ($1.15billion) or fair market price, whichever was higher, DoCoMospokesman Shunsuke Muraki told Reuters.

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Lawyers for Revel, which cost $2.4 billion to build, soughtapproval to sell the casino to Straub's Polo North after anaffiliate of Brookfield Asset Management which walked away lastmonth from its $110 million agreement for the hotel. Money fromthe sale will help pay Revel's creditors.

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In Broward County, which includes the city of Fort Lauderdale, marriage licenses will be handed out starting at 12:01 a.m. and a mass wedding will follow at 3 a.m., according to the local clerk's website.

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"We've had an active, operationally based CEO searchunderway to partner with our founder and owner (Ulukaya) and,while we have several exciting, qualified candidates, nodecision has been made," a spokesman for Chobani said in anemailed response.

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"You just have to stay in the moment and understand the game," Romo said. "It doesn't end after the first quarter, second quarter. There's a long way to go and it wasn't going well, but usually things dissipate a little bit; it's not quite as crazy as it is early. You just have to keep calm. I've played enough games to understand that."


In the book she presents a selection of routines that include an upper and lower body workout by Tracy Anderson (who is also Gwyneth Paltrow’s fitness guru), specific Pilates moves and yoga poses.

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Ally, the largest U.S. auto lender and former in-house financing arm of GM, expects the sale of its 40 percent interest in SAIC-GMAC Automotive Finance Company Limited to boost first-quarter profits by around $400 million after taxes.

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These are disheartening figures in the season of good cheer, and it shows in the faces of the crowds milling around the rain-soaked shopping centres with half-empty shopping baskets containing only the basics.

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If Stepan wasn’t quite at his physical peak upon return, it hardly showed as the center recorded 11 points (two goals, nine assists) in those first 10 games, the 10th contest being a three-assist outburst against the Flyers. Stepan dealt out three more assists in his latest contest, Wednesday against the Panthers, and collected his third career hat trick on Dec. 27 against the Devils, giving him six points in his last three games.

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The care units in Roscrea are run by the Daughters of Charity on behalf of the HSE. After receiving a number of complaints from a person who had previously worked there about the care being provided, 10 staff members and one agency worker were taken off duty.

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The measures, most of which President Barack Obama already\nhas adopted by executive order, would bar “coercive and abusive\ninterrogation techniques,” prohibit the long-term detention of\nsuspects and require the U.S. to notify the International Red\nCross and provide access to those being held, according to a\nDec. 30 letter Feinstein sent to Obama that was made public\ntoday.

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"If we were freeing up parts of different sites I would like to be able to do that, with the opportunity of a partial land sale to provide a capital receipt to potentially build a new GP surgery.