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President Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly called for lowerinterest rates to support flagging growth, but the central bankhas said it will keep policy tight until there is a clearimprovement in the inflation outlook.

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Although most sectors in Europe were in negative territoryfollowing a broader market sell-off, the travel and leisureindex, down 0.7 percent, outperformed on expectationsthat cheaper oil and a weaker euro would help the companies.

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While Noah Syndergaard is considered the next great power arm in the system, already being compared to Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler, Matz is also getting some interesting comparisons. Last year, Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen compared Matz’s stuff to 2014 National League Cy Young award winner and NL MVP Clayton Kershaw’s, and Mets executive Paul DePodesta compared his makeup to the 2014 National League Rookie of the Year: deGrom.


Burger chain Habit Restaurants Inc's shares have risen 3 percent since its $30 Nasdaq debut on Nov. 20, based on Friday’s prices, and Zoe's Kitchen was up12 percent from its April market debut at $28.72 on Friday. Shares of El Pollo Loco, another fast casual company, were up 5.5 percent Friday from their $19 market debut in July.

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Through a series of experiments involving 111 people in Australia and Japan, the android - a robot named Geminoid-F modelled on a Japanese actress - instructed participants to move a box from one place to another, to touch its hand, to move a chair and to ask it open-ended questions.

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Scientists like Mendrek have taken an interest in gender differences concerning nicotine dependency because past research has indicated women succumb more easily to the drug and have a harder time quitting than men.

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There is also concern over when 53 people Washington considers political prisoners will be released and on what terms. A senior Obama aide said at the time of the Dec. 17 announcement that Cuba had agreed to free them as part of the deal to restore diplomatic relations and that an unspecified number of them were already released. Raul Castro referred to Cuba’s freeing of a group of persons the U.S. “has shown interest in” as part of his announcement of the wider deal but didn’t mention a number.

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Some of the people seeking to leave are senior employees,the report said, citing two people familiar with the matter.They are worried about working within the corporate culture ofthe bidding company, BGC partners, according to thereport.

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Bakken shale oil pioneer Continental Resources pocketed $433 million by liquidating its hedges in September - a move that left the firm exposed to a further $20 slump, though it is not clear whether it has set up new hedges since.

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"Because our workers don't just work inside the red zone, which is a very high-risk area, they do also have contact - although we are very, very careful in briefing people to avoid personal contact - outside of the treatment centre."

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In the San Francisco incident, the man shot by police had approached officers earlier in the day to ask what kind of guns they carried and if they had been involved in any shootings, police said in a statement.

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Stock pickers are still forecasting gains for 2015, but most say the uptick will be more modest in 2015 than the past few years of double-digit U.S. stock market gains. They also expect volatility to pick up.

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President Dilma Rousseff appointed Levy, a former banker, inan attempt to calm investors worried over her administration'sheavy intervention in the private sector and deterioratingeconomic fundamentals. Levy is a fiscal conservative known forslashing spending during his 2003-2006 stint at the treasury.

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"Having failed to deliver a winning flagship model in 2014, it really needs to get back on its feet. And that keynote address [by Samsung Electronics chief executive Boo-Keun Yoon on Monday] is going to be the one to go to."

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The LG G Flex got a lot of attention when it launched back in late 2013 because it was curved like a banana and was capable of healing itself if scratched. However, despite promising a glimpse of the phones of the future, it, and Samsung's equally flexible smartphone, the Galaxy Round, were really little more than novelties.

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But advertisers see potential. They particularly like a watch feature that Apple calls "Force Push" that activates when a user taps the screen with extra pressure, opening up a menu with up to four actions. They envision coupons that when tapped can show directions to a store, for example.

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Ukip has also altered its political direction. In 2010, it was robustly conservative. But in 2015, it has calculated that its future lies in stealing more Labour votes in working-class areas – so it has embraced social democratic populism. Ukip insiders have said that its 2015 manifesto will promise to ring-fence NHS spending, oppose the so-called bedroom tax and raise the income tax threshold for lower earners.

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"They came through the north, the west and from the southern part of the town because the eastern part is only water. So, when we [went] towards the western part, we saw heavily armed Boko Haram men coming towards us.

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Often, African Americans are accused by their peers of “talking White” and by racists as being “uppity.” Adherence to formal modes of speech can be interpreted as a betrayal or denial of race. Even a president of the United States is not immune from such criticism.

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Travelers with gadgets often face a dilemma to grab a bite to eat in a restaurant or bar lacking outlets or slump against a wall, plug into a wall outlet near a boarding gate and watch as the battery is recharged.

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The fourth quarter's 63 percent jump in quarterly M&Aannouncements, as measured against the third quarter, came asPresident Dilma Rousseff was narrowly re-elected on Oct.26. Investors remain skeptical over Rousseff's ability toreverse a four years of economic sluggishness and reviveconfidence.

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It seems like a long time ago when Jackson was introduced last season and greeted with a Garden standing ovation fit for a team savior. Only boos filled the air in the game’s final seconds on Sunday, as well as a few “Fire Fisher” chants.

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Although Williams was in obvious discomfort, team doctors assured him that it was most likely a cramp and the veteran point guard believes he will be available for Monday’s home game against Dallas.

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To add to the mystery, a person claiming to be Karapetyan contacted top staff members and investors several days after his disappearance, with a cryptic message from a temporary email address. He wrote that he was on the run because he was being threatened, according to several people who received the message. He also promised to return all funds to investors but gave no further contact information.

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The latest upgrade to iOS 8 was released in late September but Apple was forced to withdraw and then re-issue it because the first version meant a lot of iPhone 6 and Plus handsets could no longer make calls.

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Born in Vienna in 1908, Otto Skorzeny joined the Austrian Nazi party in the early 1930s. At the outbreak of WW2 he was initially involved in fighting on the Eastern Front, taking part in the German invasions of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union.

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While Noah Syndergaard is considered the next great power arm in the system, already being compared to Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler, Matz is also getting some interesting comparisons. Last year, Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen compared Matz’s stuff to 2014 National League Cy Young award winner and NL MVP Clayton Kershaw’s, and Mets executive Paul DePodesta compared his makeup to the 2014 National League Rookie of the Year: deGrom.

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"I tore a bit of paper out of an old fishing almanac onboard and wrote my name, address and the date on it before putting it inside an old Hay's lemonade bottle and throwing it into the sea,” he added.

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The 2015 box office is off to a celebratory start. With "The Hobbit," "Into the Woods" and "Unbroken" all grossing around $20 million over the New Years weekend, the first frame of the year was up 9 percent over the same period last year. Receipts are still being tallied, but so far ticket sales are totaling around $153.8 million.

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"I know I have 10 years to live before I will start develop dementia or have a stroke so I wanted to do something good," he added, although he acknowledged that taking up arms was new on the list of jobs and occupations he has previously pursued.

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McDonald's had planned to unveil the strategy at a media event on Dec. 17, but cancelled the week before without explanation. The company also declined to make a representative available Friday, but posted a video online with remarks by Deborah Wahl, chief marketing officer for McDonald's USA. Wahl is one of several recent high-profile appointments the company has made in hopes of improving its struggling performance.

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Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, former state Controller H. Carl McCall and at least three members of New York’s congressional delegation — Gerald Nadler, Carolyn Maloney and Steve Israel — also showed up in the early afternoon to pay their respects to Cuomo family.

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He adds that selling GoBe wristbands would be the tip of the iceberg. The real riches would be secured by licensing the algorithm involved to others - something HealBe says it is already in talks to do.

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But Morelli botched that entire sequence, which has led to questions about how the league builds its playoff officiating crews. Crews are selected through an "individual-based system," so they haven't always worked as a unit before these ever-critical playoff games.

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Researchers questioned over 1,100 Irish students attending 17 mixed-gender secondary schools. The average age of the participants was 14 and 55% were male. Some 5% of the students admitted to having concerns about their sexual orientation.

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But it’s not set to happen for millions of years, by which time there might be nothing left to destroy anyway. Hip 85605 is not set to show up for as long as half a million years, and GL 710 could take nearly three times as long.

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After the decision was announced, McCulloch took the unusual step of releasing thousands of pages of witness testimony provided in secret to the grand jury. Grand jurors usually hear a condensed version of evidence that might be presented at trial, but the Ferguson grand jury heard more extensive testimony.