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Looking back at those police files, Campbell says, there was a "widespread" attitude of not believing the victim, and only doing minimum investigation on the cases, many just including the initial police report.

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“No, I don’t think shutting down is really the conversation that we’re having,” Fisher said at the team’s practice facility in Greenburgh on Saturday, which was a recovery day for players. “We’re all talking about what’s best for him, what’s best for the team, and right now, it’s taking some rest and recovery for the foreseeable future, in terms of maybe the next week or so. But not anything more than that has been discussed in terms of for the entire season. I still feel strongly that if he or we as a group feel that there’s a need to do that, I think that we can get to the point where we can make that decision.”

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The revolution came 12 years later. The Kodak Brownie, designed by Edward Brownell, looked similar to the original Kodak, but the film could be taken out of the camera after shooting and developed via Kodak stockists, chemists or even at home.

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The sergeants got out of the vehicle and told him to leave, and the man walked out of the lot and lifted his sweater, showing what appeared to be the butt of a handgun which led the police sergeants to draw their guns, police said.

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The employee appeared to be looking to sell the data, whichpertained to about 10 percent of Morgan Stanley's 3.5 millionclients, the person said. He published information on about 900accounts as an apparent advertisement, the person said.

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While the symbolism is real, Liu and Ramos lived not as abstractions, but as human beings who dedicated their lives to serving their fellow human beings, be those family members or be those strangers. The tens of thousands of brothers and sisters who gathered for Liu’s memorial paid tribute, once more, to the epitome of a good man.

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The outflows from taxable bond funds came as U.S. government debt that matures in 20 years and beyond booked a 27 percent return for the year, according to Barclays. That would be its biggest annual gain since 2011, when it generated a 33 percent return.

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Now is a good time for New Year’s resolutions. Even if most of us fail to live up to our January goals, there is value in our aspirations. (I plan to finish a book manuscript, lose five pounds and spend more time practicing my putting.)

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Smaller Atlas Iron jumped 8.7 percent, the biggestgainer on the market, following a rise in the metal's price.Gold producers Newcrest Mining and Evolution Mining added 3.5 percent and 6 percent respectively.

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James appeared to be in a similar place last month against the Brooklyn Nets and only decided to play up to standard when Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge arrived at Barclays Center. If you don’t believe me, get the tape.

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Instead, MLS is now swimming with two of the very biggest sharks in the business of sports — Manchester City, principal owners, and the Yankees, who are minority partners in this enterprise and are allowing the soccer club to use the baseball stadium for the time being. That stadium tenancy is also likely to become more of an issue if NYCFC doesn’t find a new home soon enough. A few bad-bounce singles on torn-up infield grass might just be more than Brian Cashman or Randy Levine can stomach.

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Magalhes said whale cells must have a much lower metabolic rate than those of smaller mammals. He said the genome study detected changes in one specific gene involved in the body's temperature regulation that may be related to metabolic differences in whale cells.

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"Our concern is that there is no mention of refugees in these new regulations," spokesman Ron Redmond said. "We'd like some information on exactly how the procedure will be carried out to ensure the most vulnerable can still get in."

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SolarCity Corp, the largest U.S. residential solar panelinstaller, and Vivint Solar Inc are already big playersin California. NRG Energy Inc, a top competitor on theEast Coast, announced in November that it aimed to open newoffices in California.

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“When you at a fire like this, it is never easy to deal with a family that is being devastated,” Brisley said. “But you can tell they have good support at all levels. It’s a busy week for the city of Charlotte including this family.”

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January began with a frosty bang as an arctic air mass descended on the central United States, following a similar event in December. What was once called a cold snap is now ominously christened a “polar vortex.” Record-low daily temperatures were recorded from Minnesota to Boston, along with all-time seasonal snowfalls in many cities.

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UK researchers looked at 1.3 million women aged between 50 and 64. The women were observed for over 10 years and the study found that after that time, those who started menstruating at the age of 13 had the lowest risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

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The 42-year-old and her husband, Joe, pleaded guilty in March to hiding assets from bankruptcy court and submitting bogus loan applications to obtain some $5 million in mortgages and construction loans.

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Harrington decided to first try the Master Cleanse that Beyoncé used to slim her curves for “Dreamgirls” (2006) followed by the Herculean diet she devised to lose the pregnancy weight following the birth of Blue Ivy.

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The investors claimed that banks colluded in manipulating the prices of the foreign exchange market since January 2003. They claimed that the traders of the banks used chat rooms, e-mail and instant messaging to work together in rigging the foreign currency rates.

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"Ronnie and Bryce were both outstanding ski racers who were passionate about their sport — both on the race course and skiing the mountain," said Tiger Shaw, president and CEO of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, which administers the U.S. Ski Team. "Our hearts go out to the Berlack and Astle families, as well as to their extended sport family. Both of them loved what they did and conveyed that to those around them."

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In his introduction, Pitt professed his admiration for Oyelowo — both as colleague and friend — and, at one point, Pitt led the audience in a sing-along with lyrics spinning around Oyelowo's often-mispronounced last name. (It sounds like "oh-yellow-oh," by the way).

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Take Iran. Germany, Italy and France all profitably exploited the U.S. sanctions against the country for decades. In 1996, the U.S. government attempted to force these countries to step into line with the Iran and Libya Sanctions Act. This act, too, provoked a backlash among allies and failed. Over course of the next decade, German, Italian, and French exports to Iran would respectively grow in value by 168 percent, 275 percent, and 526 percent.

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The governor's new initiative could be a boon for greenenergy companies, such as manufacturers of electric vehicles andthose looking to build utility-scale solar projects or upgradethe state's aging electric grid.

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Pearson to this day is adamant he didn’t interfere with Wright. The Vikings were adamant he did. An orange thrown by a fan nearly hit Pearson in the end zone. A whiskey bottle came flying out of the stands and smashed field judge Armen Terzian in the head. That Staubach-to-Pearson play, one of the most famous in NFL history, became known as the Hail Mary.

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JPMorgan declined to comment. The other 11 banks declined tocomment or did not respond to requests for comment. Bank ofAmerica, Citigroup, HSBC, RBS and UBS also settled withregulators in November.

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It’s not as if Jets fans, as much whining as they did this season, have suffered the way Cubs fans have for about the last thousand years. You think Cardinals fans wouldn’t have signed up for two trips to the AFC Championship Game in the last six years? How about Browns fans? Or Dolphins fans? The Lions have a big playoff game against the Cowboys on Sunday, but take a look at what their record has been in the playoffs lately, or over the last 50 years.

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At Tyrrell's vineyard in the Hunter Valley, 165km north of Sydney, the midday sun beats down on some of Australia's oldest vines. They date back to the late 1800s, and have thrived in tough conditions.

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The paper also noted that while personal responsibility is essential, there also need to be changes made in relation to societal norms. For example, default portion sizes need to be reduced and marketing practices need to change.

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As Ryan McElroy eloquently responded to my question, though, the stinging nature of these losses might be where the similarities end. “One was the end of an era, one is the first step in a new era,” he said.

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Morelli explained after the game that head linesman Jerry Bergman had a different interpretation of the play than back judge Lee Dyer, who threw the flag. Bergman felt “the contact was minimal and didn’t warrant pass interference. He thought it was face guarding.”

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* Group Executive Committee forecasts a 30 pct decline inEPS to around 1.25 euros instead of previously estimatedincrease to 2.00 euros in 2014Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage: (Gdynia Newsroom)

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At the time of "Batman Begins" release in 2005, that philosophy was considered refreshing, especially in a genre that had veered into cartoonish territory and a franchise still damaged by Joel Schumacher's "Batman & Robin."

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The employee appeared to be looking to sell the data, whichpertained to about 10 percent of Morgan Stanley's 3.5 millionclients, the person said. He published information on about 900accounts as an apparent advertisement, the person said.

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AFC: Baltimore is at New England on Saturday; Indianapolis is at Denver on Sunday. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco might only have one Super Bowl trophy to New England counterpart Tom Brady's three, but Flacco has won at Foxborough twice in the playoffs. Plus, check out Flacco's numbers over his past five postseason games: 13 TDs, zero interceptions. One story line will dominate the other game: Denver QB Peyton Manning against the team he led to a Super Bowl championship and the guy who replaced him in Indy, Andrew Luck. Luck was superb against the Bengals, going 31 of 44 for 376 yards, one touchdown and zero interceptions.

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On another occasion Browne told the Dil: "It is generally understood that this man plays some part (in neo-Nazi activities) and, if so, he should not be allowed to use Ireland for that purpose."

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The euro zone's blue-chip Euro STOXX 50 fell 3.7percent, the biggest one-day percentage drop since late 2011.Greece's ATG fell 5.6 percent, with National Bank, Bank of Piraeus and Alpha Bank slipping 5.2 to 7.4 percent.

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The doctors believe that before diagnosing a patient with treatment-resistant depression, it must first be established that depression is the actual problem, as other mental health conditions, such as anxiety disorders or alcohol abuse, can have similar symptoms.

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"At the moment you would say that there will be no dominant party so that does change the political landscape. It gives an opportunity to influence the next government in a way that mightn't have been the case before," Creighton said.

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Jaime King, left, and Jessica Alba sizzled in equally sexy looks at the Los Angeles premiere of "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" at the TCL Chinese Theatre. Alba looked radiant in a strapless electric blue dress while King showed off her long legs in a black dress with a revealing slit.

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He reacted with a purge of the state apparatus, reassigning thousands of police and hundreds of judges and prosecutors deemed loyal to Gulen, in what his supporters said was a cleansing of the cleric's influence.

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Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert, a tea partyer, has said he will challenge Boehner for speaker when the House votes for its leader on Tuesday. Another conservative, Florida Rep. Ted Yoho, is considering a long-shot challenge. Two other Republicans — Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma and Tom Massie of Kentucky — have said they won't vote for Boehner, frustrated with last year's spending bill and the inability to stop Obama on immigration.


Liu would never have thought of himself as royalty of his city. He was. He came here with his family from China when he was 12, attended public schools here, had a good job with the NYPD. He had a new wife and dreams about children of his own who would grow up in New York with their own dreams.

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"We observed not just a highly meaningful slowing of ALS progression on two different parameters ... but subjects with prolonged stabilization and even improvements in function, and this was achieved with just a single dose of NurOwn," said BrainStorm Chief Executive Tony Fiorino.

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Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel paved the way for some couples in Miami-Dade County to get a jump-start on their weddings when she lifted a stay on her earlier decision finding the state's gay marriage ban unconstitutional.

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"The AK Party will clean up the its own rotten ones, with its own values. Nobody should doubt this. But it will not submit itself to a system with ill intentions," he said in an interview with the Haberturk newspaper.

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His labor reforms have brought out the unions in mass demonstrations in Rome but the changes he has instituted — allowing easier firing and elimination of redundancies — are also considered crucial. There’s an argument in the cabinet as to whether or not these procedures should be extended to the public sector, widely seen (and experienced) as sluggish and off-puttingly complex. For now, Renzi has allied with those who want to leave that for another day, which may or may not be a sign of deceleration rather than urgency — or may be the sign of one who knows where and when to choose his battles.

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He said: “Being in the public eye there’s a lot of scrutiny and if you put on even a pound or two the magazines and newspapers are extremely quick to point it out, so I’ve always tried to take care of myself and watch my weight. However since becoming a dad I’ve realised it’s about more than just looking good; it’s much more important to me that I’m fit and healthy and setting a good example to my children.

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"I refuse to comply with the requirements of my illegal detention under house arrest. The bracelet with some effort has been cut off with kitchen scissors," he wrote, alongside a picture of the bracelet, or tag, that monitors his movements.

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The entities are Reconnaissance General Bureau, North Korea's intelligence organization; Korea Mining Development Trading Corp, which the Treasury Department described as North Korea's primary arms dealer; and Korea Tangun Trading Corp, which the U.S. said is primarily responsible for procuring commodities and technology to support North Korea's defense research and development programs.

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Lew said that even as a probe by the FBI continued "thesesteps underscore that we will employ a broad set of tools todefend U.S. businesses and citizens, and to respond to attemptsto undermine our values or threaten the national security of theUnited States."

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"Based on past experience, the black box is not far from the plane debris we have found," Soelistyo said. But he added that none of the searching ships had detected any "pings", the locator signals the black box should transmit after a crash.

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Using that tool, developers are devising Apple Watch ad formats including interactive wallpapers on the watch dial with brand logos and personalized clock faces, said TapSense's chief executive Ash Kumar. His product helps developers insert ads, bought and sold instantaneously, in those apps.

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"My name is Deborah Dixon and I am one of the few girl contortionists in the school. Most girls prefer to do the hula hoop or the dance routines because for some traditional families it is not right for their daughters to be spreading their legs and rolling on the floor. For me contortion is an art."

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Behind his rosy statistic, however, the state’s rate of job creation has lagged the national average. Sill more, as Cuomo pointed out, many of those who have jobs earn less. In Brooklyn and Queens, inflation-adjusted average incomes declined 9% and 5% over the past decade.

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Regarding Marrone’s awkward departure from Buffalo, the GM said he did the right thing with no QB, front office friction and a new owner who will likely have waited a year to evaluate him before deciding whether to keep him.

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And what a year it figures to be with Rodriguez slated to return to the Yanks from his Biogenesis suspension. A-Rod’s comeback attempt figures to be an enormous story when the team’s spring camp begins next month in Tampa and the club has said Rodriguez will compete for at-bats as the designated hitter.

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"The persistent and unilateral action taken by the White House to slap 'sanctions' against the DPRK patently proves that it is still not away from inveterate repugnancy and hostility toward the DPRK," the state-run KCNA news agency quoted its foreign ministry spokesman as saying.

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Marie received her Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication from New Era University. She is a former news writer and program producer for Nation Broadcasting Corporation (NBC-DZAR 1026), a nationwide AM radio station. She was also involved in events management. Marie was also a former Young Ambassador of Goodwill during the 26th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP). She loves to read, travel and take photographs. She considers gardening a therapy.

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The fact is that there is a family matter. Dispatches on Jordan’s Twitter page indicated he lost a grandparent last week. A source told the Daily News there would be a funeral that he’d attend this week and that Jordan and his mother, Amina Robinson, want him reunited with the team. But for now there is someone who isn’t even 20 dealing with a death in the family.

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Rome, the CBS Sports talk show host, tweeted during the Rose Bowl on Thursday, "Is there anyone not in a marching band who thinks those dorks running around with their instruments are cool?"

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But Morelli botched that entire sequence, which has led to questions about how the league builds its playoff officiating crews. Crews are selected through an "individual-based system," so they haven't always worked as a unit before these ever-critical playoff games.

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New Civil Engineer (NCE) is the leading magazine for the UK civil engineering industry with an ABC Audit issue figure of 52,168. The readership includes every member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) based in the UK.Our monthly international magazine New Civil Engineer International has a readership of 11,500. The readership includes every member of the ICE based overseas.Our website has 45,000 registered users, attracts 120,000 unique users a month and 465,000 page impressions.

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He said it was the experience in general with maternity services that certain patient groups, such as non-nationals, did not always access care optimally and there was an over-representation of non-national patients in adverse outcomes such as neonatal and maternal deaths.

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Scott graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1987 with a bachelor of arts degree. He worked at television stations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida before joining ESPN in 1993.

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Profits from crime-as-a-service will rise as expert hackers use cloud technology themselves to offer illegal services to the highest bidder, while the least competent take advantage of easy-to-use cloud crime tools.

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And Kodak sold the camera for the princely sum of $1 - you could buy the camera, a film and have that film processed for just $2. Photography had suddenly become not only portable but affordable, too, and the Brownie was easy to use. It had a single shutter speed and narrow apertures that created deep depth of field. The lens could not be focused and early Brownies didn't even have a viewfinder - marks on the top of the camera were a rough guide as to what might be in the frame. You shot, and you hoped.

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They are in this position — headed to New England to face the top-seeded Patriots (12-4) in the divisional round — in large part because of quarterback Joe Flacco, whom Harbaugh called “the best quarterback in football.” Flacco completed 18 of 29 passes for 259 yards and two touchdowns — including a brilliant third quarter in which he completed 9 of his 10 passes for 112 yards. His last pass of that quarter came when he narrowly escaped trouble — with the help of a huge block from guard Kelechi Osemele on Steelers lienbacker James Harrison — and hit Torrey Smith for an 11-yard touchdown that gave Baltimore a nearly insurmountable 20-9 lead.

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Flu seasons dominated by H3N2 tend to have higher overallhospitalization rates and more flu-related deaths, especiallyamong older people and very young children compared with fluseasons dominated by the H1N1 virus or influenza B viruses.

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Last year, 71 cases of malaria were notified in Ireland, including 12 cases in children. Meanwhile worldwide, the disease was responsible for around 584,000 deaths, the majority of whom were children under the age of five.

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A few hours later, following both the walk and an exhausting session running around after a pair of excited toddlers in a not-so-local park, I was horrified to discover that I hadn't even burned off the Brussels sprouts I had had with my Christmas lunch.

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Global stock markets were weaker, with the Dow JonesIndustrial Average off nearly 2 percent in New Yorktrading as oil prices touched a 5-1/2 year low and fanned fearsdemand was diminishing. Energy stocks were big losers on WallStreet.

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Hollywood's hot new couple Joe Manganiello, left, and Sofia Vergara heated up at a private event at Hyde Lounge during the Justin Timberlake concert hosted by PUMA in Los Angeles. The lovebirds were seen canoodling and enjoying each other's company before the concert.

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Any bank with 25 billion pounds of UK deposits will need to set up a ring-fenced unit by 2019. At present, six lenders would need to do so: HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander UK and the Co-operative Bank.

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Attkisson resigned from CBS last March after complaining that she was increasingly unable to get her investigative stories on the air. She has published a best-selling book,"Stonewalled," about her battles against the network and the administration as she investigated stories on such subjects as Benghazi, Fast and Furious and ObamaCare.

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The nation's president and fellow Neapolitan, Giorgio Napolitano, paid tribute to Daniele in a condolence message, saying he made "an original contribution to the musical traditional of his city."

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Orlando rookie Elfrid Payton, who earlier this season air-balled consecutive free throws, made just two of his next four free throw attempts, and the Magic had a chance to draw even, but Fournier misfired badly on a contested three with 23.9 seconds left.

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The financial services firm, which manages $2 trillion in assets for clients, said that it began investigating after names and account numbers of about 900 of the customers were “briefly posted on the Internet.”

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Lorenzo Vidino, an analyst at the Institute for the International Political Studies in Italy, said foreign fighters might argue they are joining the battle against Islamic State for the good but they were not effective militarily.

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The state has pushed to implement far-reaching climatechange policies, including its landmark AB 32 law aimed atreducing carbon pollution back to 1990 levels by 2020. Brownsaid California was on track to meet its goal of generatingone-third of the state's electricity through renewable energywithin the next five years.

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Film heritage honors went to a curator and film conservation manager at New York's Museum of Modern Art, and to Ron Hutchinson of The Vitaphone Project, which restores original soundtracks for early sound films.

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Captured on video, Garner's repeated cries of "I can't breathe" as Pantaleo holds him by his neck have become a slogan for protesters at rallies across the United States who accuse police forces of being hostile towards black citizens.

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Dershowitz, professor emeritus at Harvard Law School, said he is filing a disbarment complaint against the attorneys who filed the motion in the lawsuit as well as an affidavit denying the allegations.

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The hard work — and Botox, she admits — paid off. From 2000 to 2006, Sims was a fixture in the SI swimsuit issue — most famously posing in a $30 million, diamond-encrusted bikini — and has since enjoyed success as an actress, appearing in movies, videos, all five seasons of NBC’s “Las Vegas” and on boxes of CoverGirl cosmetics.

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Nicknamed the "Big Unit," Johnson won the 1995 American League Cy Young with the Seattle Mariners and claimed the National League honor four seasons in a row with the Arizona Diamondbacks starting in 1999.

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“In the room, you say something if you think it’s necessary, as far as speaking up,” McDonagh added. “But you don’t want it to feel like you’re speaking up just because you have to. But that’s just naturally over time (something you learn).”

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Which is all far away from my self-obsessed and lonely thinking in the chill of 03:00. Happiness isn't permanent - lives change, pleasures fade, bad things happen - but if we choose to pursue happiness, then it can become not so much a condition as a destination. It can inspire journeys. Apparently those journeys are better made in company, with generosity and with the practical application of both outrage and love. And when love and outrage are practically applied we might, just might, consider judging and shaping our national wellbeing according to Bhutan's famous Gross National Happiness index. When GNH is prized above GDP then all manner of changes become possible. We can view the world in any number of ways - the pursuit of happiness may help us find the ones that benefit most of us the most. I can see you as a competitor, as a strain on future welfare payments, or pension liabilities, I can see you as an intruder, a threat - or I can see you as a friend, a collaborator, a teacher, a parent, a child, a human being with unalienable rights. Meanwhile, I know that when I'm cultivating misery in the small hours, if I think, not about pursuing anything, but about my unalienable right to this moment when nothing terrible is happening, this moment when I can breathe and be free and gather my strength - then this moment is when I am happy. And all that would make it happier would be wishing that you're happy in this moment, too.

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"Further, it is increasingly clear that since the government removed the national body overseeing councillor conduct, called Standards for England, local councils have no effective sanction that can be applied to councillors guilty of this degree of unacceptable conduct."

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His father is listed as the founder of Wainscott Capital Partners, a hedge fund that focused its assets on healthcare and biotech investing. The company last reported that it had more than $15 million under management, FINalternatives editor Deirdre Brennan

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“Rather than get lost in the back of forth by the loudest and most disrespectful voices,” de Blasio said the focus should be on working together to forge a city where “citizens and police officers are partners.”

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Meanwhile, a bill introduced in the Kentucky state Legislature by Republican state Sen. Damon Thayer last year would have changed the law to allow Paul to run for both offices, but it was eventually killed by majority Democrats in the House. Prospects for another go at a legislative remedy appear dim as Democrats held on to that majority in the last election.

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"Our previous work and plenty of other studies have shown that added sugar in general is bad for your health," said Ruff. "So first, reduce added sugar. Then worry about the type of sugar, and decrease consumption of products with high-fructose corn syrup."

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Faal and two other men in the United States each bought eight M4 and AKM rifles, and about 30 weapons were shipped to Gambia. The group was also supplied with body armor, night vision goggles and other equipment.

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“The injured ones are okay, none of their vital organs are damaged, most injuries are on the limbs. Their limbs were jammed in the rubble, so they got broken limbs, and they are all in shock.”

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The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and U.S.Securities and Exchange Commission did not immediately respondto requests for comment. The Department of Justice also had noimmediate response to requests for comment but a person withknowledge of the matter said the FBI was looking into thealleged theft of Morgan Stanley's client data.

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LONDON, Jan 5 (Reuters) - Emerging market shares headed fortwo-week lows on Monday and currencies started their first fulltrading week of the year on a sour note, facing the familiarheadwinds of a stronger dollar and falling oil prices.

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The country's trade deficit for 2014 was $3.93billion, the biggest gap since 1998, the Trade Ministry said.The deficit is a serious challenge for President Dilma Rousseffand her new economic team as she starts her second term.

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The Falcons are slated to interview him Monday, but the Jets shouldn’t feel any sense of urgency to procure him. He’s not exactly the Falcons’ top choice, according to league sources. The Bears were reportedly interested, but seeing is believing there. Marrone isn’t scheduled for an interview in Chicago.

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Matthew Smith, 27, the Norfolk County Council member for Gorleston St Andrews who had been selected to stand for parliament in Great Yarmouth at the next general election, is one of three men standing trial at Norwich Crown Court over the alleged electoral fraud.

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I'd read reports that the beginning of their alienation was not jihadist videos but rage against the state for demolishing parts of their mosque. I wanted to understand more about their psychological journey from law-abiding Chinese citizens to vengeful martyrs.

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The Knicks are in Memphis Monday for a certain defeat that should equal their record 12-game losing streak at the close of the 1984-85 season — though the Knicks then dropped the first eight games of the next season, for 20 straight.

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After the collapse of the Soviet Union, policymakers like then-Senator Jesse Helms (R-N.C.) argued that reinvigorating the international sanctions campaign against Cuba would finally cause the Castro regime to collapse. He was wrong. The rest of the world remained far more interested in vacationing in and trading with Cuba than sanctioning it.

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Heather Abbott, a Rhode Island woman who lost part of her left leg in the bombings, is one of several victims who plan to attend at least part of the trial. She said she hopes to gain some understanding of the motive.

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"It's unacceptable that air quality in small towns and rural areas is often worse than in major towns and cities and we need to move to more efficient, cleaner fuels. Now is the time to act to prevent any further unnecessary loss of life," she said.

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Murjatmodjo said the ministry also issued a directive Dec. 31 ordering all airlines to provide pilots with up-to-date weather reports before they take off. Currently, it's up to the captain and co-pilot to research and evaluate flying conditions before departing. In other countries, the carrier's flight operations department performs that task for them.

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For example, ShotTracker will show off kit for basketball players that records how many shots they attempted, and what percentage were successful. And Wahoo Fitness has a chest band that can count the number of push-ups, sit-ups and other repetitive exercises that have been completed.

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The Master of the National MaternityHospital has said maternity doctors and midwives are ‘overexposed to volume and case complexity' and are working in an extremely challenging environment.

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Other foreign automakers such as Toyota Motor Corp are also negotiating with their dealers in China, who havecomplained to the government that they are obliged to buy toomuch stock, leading to large losses in a slowing market.

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Alastair Machray was appointed editor of The Liverpool Echo in 2005 and is also editor-in-chief of Trinity Mirror Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales. He is a former editor of The Daily Post (Wales and England) and editor-in-chief of the company's Welsh operations. Married dad-of-two and keen golfer Alastair is one of the longest-serving newspaper editors in the country. His titles have won numerous awards and spearheaded numerous successful campaigns.

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He also offers behind-the-scenes accounts of the White House, quoting officials as saying senior adviser Valerie Jarrett is essentially Obama’s chief of staff, even though Denis McDonough holds that title.

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“Cancer-free longevity in people exposed to cancer-causing agents, such as tobacco, is often attributed to their ‘good genes,’ but the truth is that most of them simply had good luck," added Vogelstein, who cautions that poor lifestyles can add to the bad luck factor in the development of cancer.

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Her dreamed-of boyfriend is neither a true feminist, nor much of a boyfriend. And so woman to woman, I’d like to offer her some advice to save her a lifetime of disappointment and countless first dates at performances of “The Vagina Monologues.”

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BEIJING, Jan 5 (Reuters) - China is struggling to findattractive shale gas blocks to offer in a third auction ofconcessions, government sources said, increasing the sense thatthe country's output potential may be overblown.

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As much as I admire Bonos’ passion and specificity, she has written a recipe for a lifetime of boredom, joylessness and annoying friends with self-serious arguments over “leaning in” at cocktail parties.

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** A unit of Cathay Financial Holding Co Ltd hasagreed to buy a 40 percent stake in Indonesia's Bank MayapadaInternasional Tbk PT for $278 million, in theTaiwanese group's third overseas deal in the past six months.

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As the questions rained in, it soon became clear which it was going to be. Osborne had made the schoolboy error of handing out his bibles before he had started talking rather than after, and several people had chosen to read it rather than listen to him. “Er, excuse me chancellor, but it looks as if you’ve made up most of your figures on Labour’s spending plans,” they said, one after another. Osborne momentarily went even paler but, sensing he was unlikely to get much help from any of his bandmates who were now all looking anxiously at the clock, did his best to defend his figures.

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"The changed economic environment could lead to a reductionin the future results of the Russian unit and potentially to areview of the goodwill valuation," RBI said in an emailedstatement on Monday.

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To a visitor, though, Medellin now feels very safe. The transport system includes a state-of-the-art metro system, and cable cars. There are tech hubs, museums, dozens of new schools, and also library parks. Comuna 13 is home to the Parque Biblioteca San Javier - a vast, airy multi-level, multi-purpose building. It is a place for study, cultural events, and education - a meeting point for the community.

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Surveillance video shows Officer Darryl Jouett of Erlanger, Ky. talking with a woman in a parking garage elevator while holding a box and briefly pulling a gun out of his pocket and glancing at it, as if checking to make sure he has it on him.

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The S&P 500 energy sector was down 4 percent, ontrack for its largest daily percentage decline since November28. It fell almost 20 percent in the second half of last year.The health sector, the S&P's best performer on Mondaywas down 0.45 percent.

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The United States on Friday sanctioned 10 North Korean government officials and three organizations, including Pyongyang's primary intelligence agency and state-run arms dealer, in what the White House described as an opening move in the response toward the Sony cyberattack.

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Not wanting to acknowledge the news, she left the office and didn’t return. It wasn’t until Lourentzatos was nearing 30 that unrelated medical issues made her realize that she needed to take her health more seriously. She went to six different doctors who all recommended removing her breasts immediately, as the silicone could eventually get into her blood stream and kill her.

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Maybe Patrick was talking about certain ESPN suits. It doesn’t really matter now. Any internal friction should be ancient history, taking a back seat to the many people Scott’s TV personna touched. It could be as simple as making a viewer laugh, one who needed some sort of escape.

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"There is despair, Mr President, in the faces that you don’t see. In the places that you don’t visit in your shining city. Mr President, you ought to know that this nation is more a tale of two cities than it is just a shining city on a hill,” he told the crowd.

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The Vatican's chief spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said the selection "confirms that the pope doesn't feel tied to the traditional 'cardinal sees,' which reflected historic reasons in various countries."

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European stock markets have been held back over the lastmonth by concern over Greece, which holds a election on Jan. 25.The left-wing opposition party Syriza - which wants to cancel achunk of Greek debt and the austerity measures imposed after aninternational bailout - narrowly leads in opinion polls.

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Put on the market in late 2013, Sovaldi has drawn the wrath of health insurers for its heavy price tag of $84,000 over 12 weeks, or $1,000 a pill. Gilead followed that up last October with Harvoni. Harvoni costs about $1,125 per pill, but the regimen can be completed in eight weeks for some patients, or $63,000.

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Shigeaki Mizushima, Sharp's chief technology officer andexecutive vice president, said consumers were already startingto look for better quality in high-end TVs. Sharp aims to beginselling the Beyond 4K TVs in the first half of the fiscal yearstarting in April.

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He looked unflinchingly in his early lyrics at the harshness of life in Italy’s south and beyond, casting around further afield in pioneering world music in the eighties, before settling on more of a pop style at the end of the decade and releasing product every one or two years throughout his career.

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"People should be ready for the fact that it might take rather longer to form a government than the five days last time," said O'Donnell, who helped oversee talks in 2010 to form the first coalition since the 1940s, bringing in the center-left Liberal Democrats in support of Cameron's Conservatives.

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The archdiocese of Morelia, Mexico, has its first cardinal: Alberto Suarez Inda. The archbishop, who turns 76 this month, has helped mediate political conflicts and kidnappings in one of Mexico's most violence-plagued states.

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There was a symposium hosted by former New York Liberty star Sue Wicks between the two games that featured some of the former greats from the game 40 years ago. The event also included a health and heart expo.

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My tip for any entrepreneur would be to inspire your team with purpose and leadership and to foster strong working relationships with those beyond your own organisation. Collaboration is key for achieving success with a more purpose driven and socially responsible business.

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This calculator will show you just how long it's going to take you to clear your credit card balance if you don't wake up, face reality, stop paying the bare minimum and start clearing this punitive form of debt.

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So far, a total of some 400 women and girls have managed to escape. Occasionally, a woman still turns up at one of the camps in northern Iraq, terrified and exhausted, a victim of slavery in the 21st Century.

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"The Brownie range became the best-selling camera range of all-time ” and the name is part of popular culture even though it has not been used on a camera from some 35 years," says Pritchard. His book points out that the word "Brownie" is still used among photographers to describe a reliable, but basic camera.

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The Daily News has some of the most memorable photos in sports history. From legendary boxers and iconic tennis players to golfing greats and fabled Olympians, the Daily News has the photos you want of the once-in-a-lifetime sports moments. Find yours today and relive history.

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Goldman Sachs, Bank of Ireland and Credit Agricole haveprovided a leveraged loan financing to back the acquisition,which will be offered to institutional investors in asyndication process that is expected to launch in January, thesources said.

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"(British TV station) ITV says they've cut many minutes from original series because American audiences don't have the attention span,' Edleman said. "Well, they've caught our attention now, shortchanging all of us."

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“I thought at that juncture of the game, that was pretty picky,” he said. “Obviously, a critical play. I thought that Hitchens was doing a good job covering him all the way down the sideline without really interfering with him. They’ve got to use some discretion and they did by picking the flag up.”

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Same-sex marriages were expected to begin statewide after midnight Tuesday, when a separate ruling by a federal judge takes effect. U.S. District Judge Robert L. Hinkle clarified on New Year's Day that his ruling would cover all 67 Florida counties.

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"Despite the FTSE 100 remaining below the level it achieved in 1999, the vast majority of investors should have made money over this 15-year period," says Rebecca O'Keeffe, head of investment at Interactive Investor.

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In June of last year oil traded above $107 a barrel. But rising production outside of OPEC, especially in the U.S., boosted supplies just as weakness in the global economy slowed the growth in oil demand. OPEC's decision in November to maintain existing production levels accelerated the rout in oil prices.

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Top crude exporter Saudi Arabia revealed it made deep cutsto its monthly oil prices for European buyers ARM-OSP-E, thesixth time since June it has slashed prices, corresponding withthe rout in crude futures markets over the period.

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LONDON, Jan 5 (Reuters) - Emerging market shares headed fortwo-week lows on Monday and currencies started their first fulltrading week of the year on a sour note, facing the familiarheadwinds of a stronger dollar and falling oil prices.

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In October, climate skeptics reported the 18th straight year of flat global temperatures. Satellite data shows no temperature increase since 1997. The “pause” in global warming is now old enough to vote or to serve in the military.

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Parkinson's is a progressive neurological disease, the symptoms of which include tremors, stiffness and slow movement. An estimated six to seven thousand people in Ireland are affected and there is no cure.

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The doctors believe that before diagnosing a patient with treatment-resistant depression, it must first be established that depression is the actual problem, as other mental health conditions, such as anxiety disorders or alcohol abuse, can have similar symptoms.

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Starting on Tuesday, passengers from Mali will not have totravel to the United States through five specified airports orbe subjected to additional screening or monitoring for thevirus, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention andthe U.S. Department of Homeland Security said in a statement.

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Now, there are movies to stream, virtual meetings to conduct, Internet games to play and books to download. More than 160,000 people attended the 2014 show, which takes over the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Sands Expo and several nearby hotels with more than 2 million square feet of exhibit space — or about 35 football fields.

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But like everything the tech entrepreneur does, there is more than meets the eye. Zuckerberg, 30, crowdsourced his 2015 resolution, asking his 31 million followers how best to improve himself in the new year.

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Third-largest ETF provider Vanguard said it had about $75.3billion in U.S. ETF net flows in 2014, while the second-rankedState Street Corp had about $37.2 billion in new moneyin its U.S. ETFs. The two companies, plus BlackRock, accountedfor about 80 percent of total U.S. ETF flows last year.

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"It was a very tough year, a life-changing year" reflects Marwa Omara, the fiancee of Mr Fahmy, the former al-Jazeera bureau chief in Cairo. "It's very hard to see an award-winning professional journalist accused of being a terrorist."

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“Our guys stand on a rock-solid foundation of character, they really do. We have a lot of good people. They love one another, they believe in one another and they’re just very determined that when things go wrong it’s an opportunity to step up and do the right thing.”

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Robin Roskin, founder of Living in Digital Times, said: “Well now you’ve got clothing with sensors built in. You’ve got clothing that can get cooler as your body gets warm. You’ve got clothing that can monitor your heart if you’re a cardiac arrest risk — or a diabetic, to tell you the level of your blood sugar: constant real-time monitoring.”

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On Sunday, Buckingham Palace issued its second denial of wrong-doing by Prince Andrew. "It is emphatically denied that HRH The Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts. The allegations made are false and without any foundation," a palace spokesman said.

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The Independence organization counts almost a half-million members. But a large number unwittingly fell onto its rolls by mistakenly checking the Independence box when they actually wanted no party affiliation.

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The EU internal market has delivered a high level of food safety for consumers both in the EU and abroad, based on international standards and solid science, according to the EU. The agriculture and food sectors must be able to capitalize on this achievement. This market opening also sends an important signal to the EU's trading partners worldwide that EU beef is safe, and that imports of EU beef should be swiftly resumed, the EU concluded in its statement.

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For the second part of the study, they looked at children who had been given antibiotics in early life. They assessed whether the risk of developing asthma was as high if the child had been treated with antibiotics for a skin, urinary tract or respiratory infection.

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“We thought it would be a good stretch to get a good recovery in and hopefully, he can be back with us next week,” Fisher said on Saturday, again suggesting that Anthony may rest on Sunday before reversing course and admitting, “It’s day by day and oftentimes, on game days when we do have shootarounds, that’s a pretty good barometer as far as where guys are and what they’ll be able to do that night. So, I think that’s why I’m reluctant to look too far down the line and say he’s not going to play.

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Still, the GOP has a problem here when it comes to racial sensitivity. And it’s not that the party is racist. It’s that its officials look the other way when others make outrageous comments related to race.

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Almost three in four contacts were made by women and almost four in 10 involved people who were making contact on behalf of someone who had been diagnosed with cancer, such as a family member or friend.

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Ghailani fled to Pakistan after the attack and continued to act as a senior member of Al Qaeda until he was captured in 2004. After he was brought to New York for trial in the embassy bombings case, presiding federal judge Lewis A. Kaplan asked the attorneys on both sides to brief the issue of Ghailani's Fifth Amendment right to a speedy trial. Ghailani had spent more than four years at a CIA "black site" undergoing interrogation.

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Police said two protesters in their 20s were killed inNatore district during clashes between ruling and oppositionparty activists. The opposition said the victims were BNPactivists, though police have not confirmed their identity.

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In the midterm elections in November, the Republicans took control of the Senate and added to their majority in the House. Some Democrats say their party's setbacks were at least partly caused by a failure to show voters that Democratic economic policies were working.

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“It’s stupid,” Bryant said of AAU, which is extremely popular in the U.S. “It doesn’t teach our kids how to play the game at all so you wind up having players that are big and they bring it up and they do all this fancy crap and they don’t know how to post. They don’t know the fundamentals of the game. It’s stupid.”

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What we've seen over the past 15 years, symbolised by the merger of Comdex and CES, is the consumerisation of the technology industry. Companies like Microsoft which were used to selling products to other businesses have struggled to connect with consumers. The other change is that the industry is now flooded with new competition, from Kickstarter-funded start-ups to fashion brands like Nike and Fossil.

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After years of battles over the budget and other issues, further clashes loom as Republicans who already control the House of Representatives take over the Senate majority on Tuesday after wins against Obama's Democrats in November's midterm elections. Angry over the president's moves last year to bypass Congress on issues such as immigration, Republicans have promised to fight him on a range of issues.

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US oil production has soared recently, as fracking - or the process of extracting oil from shale rock by injecting fluids into the ground - has revolutionised oil production in the country, transforming US states such as North Dakota and Pennsylvania in the process.

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"This is recommended for patients who do not respond to between two and four treatment trials. Referral is also required if psychosis, suicidal ideation or catatonia are present," Dr Lyons and Dr Shields said.

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Kris Jenner and her much younger (rumored) beau Corey Gamble celebrated the famous momager's 59th birthday at 1 OAK Nightclub at The Mirage Las Vegas. Jenner had pictures of her children who were missing from the celebration set up behind her while she posed for pictures. Really Kris?

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Weaker energy stocks, including BP and Royal DutchShell, took the most points off the FTSE, as concernsabout a surplus of global supplies and lacklustre demand pushedoil prices to 5 1/2-year lows.

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Travel-related shares began the new year on a strong note,with Auckland Airport rising 2.6 percent while Air NewZealand rose 2.4 percent. The national carrier and NewZealand's largest airport operator continue to benefit fromhopes for strong tourism and travel industries in 2015.

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He said the state must continue paying down debt and long term liabilities, such as pension obligations. In June, Brown and lawmakers approved a plan to stabilize the teachers’ retirement fund by closing an estimated shortfall of $74 billion over the next three decades.

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The film paid a lot of attention to detail, not only to the unfolding of the Selma to Montgomery march and the events leading up to it, but to the struggles and personalities within the movement. It alsopaid attention to the little details. For instance, Sunday’s New York Times had a photo from the movie of the actors playing Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King in their kitchen. The phone she was talking on was vintage 1960s, as were the metal kitchen table and chairs, the clock on the wall, the small portable TV, the linoleum floor tiles, and the sweater and dress the actors wore. Throughout the movie we saw life as it was during that era, and great efforts were clearly made to get the key elements of the story right.

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The courtroom erupted in cheers when Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Sarah Zabel cleared the way for a gay couple and a lesbian couple to marry. The judge said she would perform the ceremonies herself later Monday, according to their attorney, Jeffrey Cohen.

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But AFC Wimbledon - like so many teams before them since Gerrard made his Liverpool debut in 1998 - discovered that this is the player who can be relied upon to help the Reds through moments of adversity.

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"The settlement is a responsible step by Chase in addressingits involvement," Michael Hausfeld, a lawyer for the investors,said in a phone interview. "It is a beginning with respect tothe accountability of other banks engaged in the same trading."

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The employee appeared to be looking to sell the data, whichpertained to about 10 percent of Morgan Stanley's 3.5 millionclients, the person said. He published information on about 900accounts as an apparent advertisement, the person said.

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The hard work — and Botox, she admits — paid off. From 2000 to 2006, Sims was a fixture in the SI swimsuit issue — most famously posing in a $30 million, diamond-encrusted bikini — and has since enjoyed success as an actress, appearing in movies, videos, all five seasons of NBC’s “Las Vegas” and on boxes of CoverGirl cosmetics.

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U.S. officials enacted additional layers of airline passenger screening in October as part of a stepped up effort to stop the spread of the virus. Although the brunt of the outbreak is centered in West Africa, the September death of a Liberian man who fell ill in Texas rattled Americans.

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Xiaomi's growth and popularity have sparked comparisons to Apple. The company has also been accused of copying Apple's style -- an allegation Xiaomi has brushed aside by saying it strives for its products to be as high-quality as Apple's, but its Mi phones function very differently from the iPhone.

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For some reason there was a lot of French tech at this year's final preview. The French exhibitors even had their own little sub-brand - "La French Tech" - and was it coincidence that the buffet was loaded with mountains of cheese? I think not.

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Indonesia AirAsia has come under pressure from authorities, who have suspended its Surabaya-Singapore license, saying the carrier only had permission to fly the route on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Flight QZ8501 took off on a Sunday.

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"The evidence of an association between early life paracetamol and asthma is often overstated, and there is currently insufficient evidence to support changing guidelines in the use of this medicine," they added.

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With austerity-era shopping habits having become entrenched among British consumers, the discounters have stolen share from all of Britain's so called Big Four grocers and analysts don't expect any of them to exceed last year's Christmas performance on a same-store basis.

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The group, made up of 59 prominent movie critics from newspapers, magazines and other media outlets, chose Timothy Spall as best actor for "Mr. Turner," about 19th-century British artist J.M.W. Turner.

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"There were more than 1,000 men from the state's forces, two helicopters and more than 800 paramilitaries," says Jeihhco, the founder of a cultural centre in Comuna 13. "They came in indiscriminately on the pretext of getting rid of the guerrillas."

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There were a number of memos and letters involving Irish government departments, such as the Department of Justice and the Department of External Affairs, addressing concerns about Skorzeny's presence in Ireland.

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In mid-December, after a decision from Attorney General Eric Holder, prosecutors said they planned to limit the questions they asked Risen, and would not ask him to name any individuals who provided anonymous information for his 2006 book "State of War."

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As things stand, officials are insistent that what needed to be said has been said in the two statements and there's no prospect of the Queen's son appearing on television protesting his innocence.

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Roethlisberger, winner of two Super Bowl titles with the Steelers, completed 31 of 45 passes for 334 yards but managed just one touchdown throw against a Ravens defense that grew stronger the closer the Steelers came to the end zone.

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US researchers analysed data relating to around 1,200 married men and women and found that older people who were in bad marriages had a higher risk of developing heart disease compared to people in happy marriages.

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera’s house suffered fire, water and smoke damage in an early morning blaze but no one was injured, a Charlotte Fire Department spokesman said Monday.

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"I still have his music in my ears," Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said. "He had an incredible voice ... his guitar playing was precious and he had a rare sensitivity that was tinged with passion and melancholy that will continue to tell the story of our country to the whole world."

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In addition, administrative proceedings lack the sameprocedural protections available in federal courts, includingthe ability to take depositions, spend more time gatheringevidence and present cases to juries.

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"Oil prices go up, down and up again, depending on global forces. What it means is that our families, our workers, our entire economy is held hostage to global price swings we can neither control nor predict," he writes in the Los Angeles Times.

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Hollins has his team back at .500 for the first time since Nov. 15, entering a game against a Heat club that has already won two games in Brooklyn this season. The Nets have a slight edge on Sunday with the Heat playing in Houston on Saturday.

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With nearly 70 percent of Chinese coal mines in the red, thegovernment has rolled out support measures, including qualityrestrictions and reinstatement of tariffs for imports, and a cutin export taxes.

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But when Syria's 2011 uprising collapsed into a civil war, hundreds of thousands poured into Lebanon, overwhelming the country's water and power supplies, pushing up rents and depressing the economy in rural areas, where Syrians compete with impoverished Lebanese for scarce jobs.

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Price wars are commonplace in India's highly competitivetelecoms industry, where foreign firms including Vodafone, Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (SingTel) and Russia's Sistema operate either through jointventures or as separate entities.

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Rather than celebrate Sunday's 26-10 win over Cincinnati, the Colts' quarterback immediately explained he was moving on. And rather than engage in a discussion about another matchup with his predecessor, Peyton Manning, Luck focused on the big picture.

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“There is so much love for lobster in the Northeast and our goal is to bring crab here, which is a staple of people from Philly to New Orleans,” she added. “The idea was to do a small crab-focused takeout restaurant that felt like you were transported to a seaside destination.”

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"I'd like to have more money for defense," incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said in a recent interview with The Associated Press. "What I want is the overall cap to stay in place if possible. And it's a challenge because to restore money on defense, the Democrats are going to want to restore money on the domestic side. So it's a big challenge."

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The fact is that Woody Johnson said a lot of good things when he announced the firing of John Idzik and Rex Ryan, even if he did wander so far off the reservation when discussing Darrelle Revis you were worried he might end up on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. He admitted mistakes, starting with the doomed marriage of Idzik and Ryan.

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A self-declared male feminist, he says his mission is to change the narrative around African women where they are often portrayed as victims of circumstance. The artist was interviewed by BBC Africa's Vera Kwakofi for the 100 Women series.

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Allen Adamson, chairman of brand consulting firm Landor North America, said McDonald's is trying to achieve something similar by focusing a massive organization behind a big, simple idea that "sits above the quality of its food." But he said the challenge for McDonald's will be in tying "loving" back to the experience of eating at McDonald's.