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Dershowitz represented Epstein against criminal sex abuse charges, which ended in a plea deal six years ago under which Epstein served jail time for state charges but avoided federal prosecution. Last week's filing was made in a long-running civil litigation brought against the U.S. government over the plea agreement by women who say they were abused by Epstein.


The Tsarnaev brothers were Muslims whose family emigrated to the United States about a decade before the attack. According to prosecutors, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev wrote messages inside of the hull of the drydocked boat where he was discovered hiding four days after the attack indicating political motivation.

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Joanna Elson, the Trust's chief executive, says that the fact so many people went straight online for advice on 26 December is a sign of how fragile many households feel their finances are, going into 2015.

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Starting on Tuesday, passengers from Mali will not have to travel to the United States through five specified airports or be subjected to additional screening or monitoring for the virus, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said in a statement.

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Florida's same-sex marriage ban was enshrined in the state constitution in 2008 by voters, who approved it by a 60 percent margin. But a series of rulings from judges in Florida — mirroring those in many other states — found the ban discriminatory and a violation of equal treatment and due process rights provided in the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

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The show of disrespect came outside the funeral home where Officer Wenjian Liu was remembered as an incarnation of the American dream: a man who had emigrated from China at age 12 and devoted himself to helping others in his adopted country. The gesture among officers watching the mayor's speech on a screen added to tensions between the mayor and rank-and-file police even as he sought to quiet them.

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“So it’s always good to come up here and play a good football game because it’s an awesome place to play and it’s a tough place to play. They’re a good football team and then you have the fans on top of that who are very passionate and love it. It’s awesome to come in here and get a victory.”

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The elder Gilbert previously co-founded SyzygyTherapeutics, a biotech private-equity firm, where he stayed fora little more than a year, according to his LinkedIn profile.Before that, he was founder and chief executive officer ofKnowledge Delivery Systems Inc., a provider of online teachereducation where he worked for a decade. He also had worked as amanaging director at Loeb Partners Corp., where he spent sevenyears in its private-equity group.

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“Blues is a feeling, it’s like the Brazilians’ saudade, it’s a way to express what you have inside, a harmony that is born in the head, a feeling…” he once said about his music.

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"We don't think of it as a protest, but we would like to make the many conservative Christians [who support Pegida] think about what they are doing," the dean of the cathedral, Norbert Feldhoff, told the BBC.

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"For example, bed-sharing families might be more likely to report wheezing because they are more attentive or aware of their children's breathing. Alternatively, families might perceive wheezing as problematic and as something that could lead to sleep problems, which might in turn elicit bed-sharing to better monitor these problems," he said.

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But Morelli botched that entire sequence, which has led to questions about how the league builds its playoff officiating crews. Crews are selected through an "individual-based system," so they haven't always worked as a unit before these ever-critical playoff games.

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The euro's decline coincides with data showing German inflation slowed to its lowest levels in over five years in December. That raises pressure on European Central Bank President Mario Draghi to unveil unconventional measures to ward off a deflationary spiral.

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"I just think it's important to send a message that people shouldn't be victimized and throw up their hands and think there's nothing they can do and they're powerless," Attkisson said in an interview.

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Confidants of Alex Rodriguez say he won’t concede the Yankees’ third-base job to newly signed Chase Headley. Seems like A-Rod is putting in the work to compete for his old job or at least to DH.

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The Bronx-born Myerson, who served as Koch's commissioner of cultural affairs and often appeared with him holding his hand, died on Dec. 14 at her Santa Monica, California, residence, Los Angeles County assistant chief coroner Ed Winter said on Monday.

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The police unions strongly support the bill to make discipline a part of the collective bargaining process. But critics say any change would make it more difficult to punish bad cops by likely putting the final decisions in the hands of outside arbitrators.

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In contrast to the current approach of regulators attempting to outsmart the bankers, increasing competition by reducing the restrictions on banking activities and ending the special protections granted to privileged financial institutions will help increase financial intermediation and improve monetary stability. The best path to financial stability is to free the banking system from the current burden of inefficient and costly regulations.

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The queen and Prince Philip have made state visits to Germany in May 1965, May 1978, October 1992 and November 2004. The monarch also paid an official visit to Berlin in July 2000 to open the new British Embassy and again in 1987 to mark the 750th anniversary of the city.

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Syria's U.N. ambassador, Bashar Ja'afari, called on U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the 15-member Security Council to pressure governments to take "the necessary measures against their nationals who enter Syrian territory illegally."

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"The Brownie" went on to be a badge sported on nearly 100 different camera models. Some were folding cameras, some were art deco designs, some were even movie cameras. Brownies lost the boxy shape and the leatherette, favouring sleeker designs, Bakelite and plastic. The last of them rolled off Kodak's production lines in the 1980s.

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"We expect competition in the Irish mortgage market tointensify over the course of 2015, with price reductions actingas another headwind at a time when the low interest rateenvironment is already adversely impacting margin levels," saidCiaran Callaghan, an analyst at Merrion Stockbrokers.

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"I grew up in Oregon, Ohio and love the city, but for the day of the 'Big Game' I am asking the city council to make a proclamation to change the name of the city for one day," reads the petition. "Call it Buckeye Town, Ohio City, Brutusville, whatever, you get the point. Let's not leave anything to chance here Change the name and support the Buckeyes"