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The audience is invited to write their own "love letters" to Fish-Bird and leave them with the installation. Ms Velonaki has collected tens of thousands of these notes from around the world.

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However, he has repeatedly stated that investors should not expect him to lay out a major strategic blueprint for the next three years or put a figure on how many hundreds of millions of pounds he will invest in price cuts to narrow the gap with German discounters Aldi [ALDIEI.UL] and Lidl [LIDUK.UL] in an attempt to stem its loss of market share in Britain.

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Nicknamed the "Big Unit," Johnson won the 1995 American League Cy Young with the Seattle Mariners and claimed the National League honor four seasons in a row with the Arizona Diamondbacks starting in 1999.

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The digital rights campaign group,, was one of the first organisations to flag the fact that internet protocol addresses used to let software access Gmail had become inaccessible in China.

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Tearfully, Liu’s longtime sweetheart and wife of only a few months, Pei Xia Chen, spoke of him in the present tense as if he were still alive, because to her he still is. “He is my soul mate,” she said.

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Mourinho claimed the decision not to award a spot-kick after Craig Cathcart handled a Diego Costa shot was part of a "campaign" against his team. But he later had a change of heart, praising Friend for "great refereeing".


O'Toole is allowing about three weeks for selection of the jury that will determine both Tsarnaev's guilt and whether he would be sentenced to death if convicted. The judge said opening statements by prosecutors and defense lawyers would begin around Jan. 26.

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I'm a bit surprised at all the disparaging comments about following "an American tradition". Its just a sale, we've always had sales here, this one just fits nicely for Christmas. I'm more annoyed by the retailers 'tradition' of marking up the goods a few weeks before they 'discount' them and even more annoyed at an item with 70% off which means they've had colossal rip-off markup on it previously

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“They had the four things you want in a great guest,” he said. “They had passion, they had an ability to explain what they do very well, they have a great sense of humor. And they had a little bit of a chip on their shoulder, which also adds a little bit of anger at things they thought weren’t right. When you combine those four things you have a great guest, and Cuomo had that 100%.”

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“man the Rams owned the Redskins on that trade hey,,look at all of our draft picks we got from that trade–look at them–they’re our captains for the coin toss ”

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As things stand, officials are insistent that what needed to be said has been said in the two statements and there's no prospect of the Queen's son appearing on television protesting his innocence.

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Butler (10-4, 0-1) also had a newsworthy day with Chris Holtmann being officially named the Bulldogs head coach after serving for 12 weeks as interim since Brandon Miller took a medical leave of absence.

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Bloomberg reported last month that London-based drugmakerShire Plc was considering an offer for NPS and thetiming of the possible bid would depend on whether the regulator approves NPS's hormone replacement therapyNatpara.

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Furthermore in an analysis of physical activity levels in 15 countries, that was presented at the Global Summit on Physical Activity of Children in Canada earlier this year, Ireland received a D- grade, coming behind countries such as New Zealand, Mexico and Nigeria.

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As we head in to the beginning of the 114th Congress this week, the question is whether politicians will start to heed this anti-government sentiment and change the way they’ve been doing business. If the poll results reflect a growing frustration with the way Congress and the president interact with each other — presumably the “general political conflict” that Gallup cites — can they make enough changes during the next two years to regain the faith of their constituents? Will the fact that the issue is at the top of the list for the first time in Gallup’s history create enough urgency to foster increased cooperation among the parties? The effect of Gallup’s findings in the near future may be stunted because 2015 is not an election year. However, as candidates gear up for 2016, the public’s dissatisfaction may become more important.

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It also led Greece to accelerate the transformation of a prison in a remote area in central Greece into a maximum-security facility. The facility, Domokos Prison, now has 17 inmates, most of them convicted terrorists, all of whom were transferred this past week. Alexandros Yiotopoulos, the purported leader of November 17, Dimitris Koufodinas, the organization's chief executioner, and another member were transferred to Domokos on Friday.

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Matz and deGrom spent much of 2011 together, working out, rehabbing and fishing in Port St. Lucie. Matz had a rocky rehab from 2009 Tommy John surgery as his UCL needed to recover, and then he had tendinitis in his shoulder. Matz did not make his professional debut until June of 2012. DePodesta says the struggle and the time off have made Matz mature beyond his 23 years and feels he shows that in his ability to pitch big games.

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"I can remember the idea you just have to put up with it, it's part of life, but women now are not prepared to do that," she said. "There's a lot of public feeling against him coming back, a lot of public protests. The fans genuinely don't want it."

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"It started with my love of Batman about three years ago, to which I bought my first Batsuit," Dee told the New York Daily News. "With the advent of 3-D printing I figured I could use my 3-D skills to push my costuming forward and start designing my own costumes. I literally don't have any time to make and sell these myself, so it works out well when you have friends who know what to do and can help."