About Planet Aqua - Introduction



Planet Aqua endeavours to inspire and encourage young people in Ireland to appreciate the environmental and scientific importance of conserving and preserving the planet's water habitats and resources, and in doing so, inspire them to take action in their lives to minimise their individual ecological footprints.

Aims & objectives

  1. To raise awareness of the impact each individual has on the environment
  2. To show that a small contribution from everyone will make a big difference
  3. To instil in children a lasting proactive attitude to the environment
  4. To simplify conservation & provide initial keys to changing behaviour
  5. To promote science and its influence on our daily activities
  6. To promote careers in science & environmental protection



The Planet Aqua project is part of a larger international initiative called Planeta Azul (Blue Planet in Portuguese). Different but related events and resources have been successfully developed in Ireland, Portugal and France, for primary school children highlighting the importance of protecting and saving the environment on land, at sea, and in space.


The international project is partially funded by the EU Community Initiative Interreg IIIB Atlantic Area programme. Co-funding has been provided by a variety of partners in each respective country. Click here to see the Irish sponsors.


Planet Aqua, a new non-profit initiative, provides a website, teacher's manual & pilot exhibition for the primary education community in order to promote the vital role of each individual to protect & conserve our planet's aquatic resources, locally and globally. More info…


The teacher's manual has been delivered to over 3,000 national primary schools. The first two Planet Aqua exhibitions received more than 2,400 children (5th and 6th classes) over 16 days. The exhibitions, held in Cork and Dublin in 2006, were well-received by teachers and students alike. The exhibitions also generated significant interest from the public with over 3,500 visitors during the two free open day weekends.

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